Indian Culinary Academy: Empowering Culinary Enthusiasts with World-Class Education & Practical Skills

By Antony Mahendran, Founder
Indian Culinary Academy: Empowering Culinary Enthusiasts with World-Class Education & Practical Skills
Antony Mahendran,Founder In recent years, India's culinary world has undergone a remarkable transformation. Culinary shows, tantalizing dishes, and captivating chefs have captivated nationwide audiences. This media-driven gastronomic trend sparked a culinary revolution, prompting the establishment of the Indian Culinary Academy in 2011. As the first Culinary Academy in Bangalore, it aimed to harness this potential, providing aspiring chefs a platform to unleash creativity, hone skills, and embark on successful culinary journeys.

The Indian Culinary Academy began with small certificate programs in Cookery and bakery, expanding to include diplomas, degree and postgraduate options in Hospitality, culinary, and pastry. To cater to aspiring chefs with a hotel management background, a postgraduate diploma in culinary was introduced.

Recently, the academy launched India's first Bachelor's Degree in Bakery and Pastry Arts to meet the growing global demand for skilled professionals. With these comprehensive offerings, the Indian Culinary Academy provides ample opportunities for students aspiring to excel as chefs in the thriving culinary industry, both within India and abroad.

Today, an increasing number of graduates from diverse fields such as engineering, management, commerce, and information technology are finding themselves drawn toward the realm of culinary arts and pastry arts. Recognizing this emerging trend, the Indian Culinary Academy has taken the initiative to cater to these aspiring individuals.

By offering hands-on training and a transformative learning experience, the academy aims to unleash the potential of these passionate individuals, empowering them to become skilled chefs and successful entrepreneurs in the dynamic culinary industry.

Unique Curriculum Blend
The Indian Culinary Academy caters to aspiring chefs and culinary enthusiasts, offering diverse courses such as culinary arts, bakery, patisserie, hotel management, and event management diplomas.
Additionally, they provide bachelor's degrees in hospitality, culinary arts, and voca- tional courses, delivering comprehensive training in the culinary and hospitality fields. Emphasizing hands-on experience and practical knowledge, these courses equip students with essential skills for excelling in the culinary industry. International affiliations and endorsements ensure globally recognized diplomas and certifications, enhancing students' career prospects.

Indian Culinary Academy's programs fuse international and Indian educational frameworks, giving students a competitive advantage. Speaking more on this, the Founder of Indian Culinary Academy – Antony Mahendran says, “Accredited by prestigious institutions like the Institute of Hospitality London and HTMi Switzerland and acknowledged by the World Association of Chefs Societies, our Indian Culinary Academy offers certifications that enhance students' job prospects and validate their culinary expertise. The academy holds a prestigious affiliation as an institute associated with the Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council (THSC), backed by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and endorsed by the Government of India.

These affiliations ensure the highest levels of excellence in culinary education and training, aligning the curriculum with industry requirements and government guidelines for a successful future in culinary arts and pastry. Our student-centered approach, supported by skilled mentors, fosters critical thinking, self-directed learning, and hands-on proficiencies".

Pathway Option
The Indian Culinary Academy provides a pathway option for Degree in International Culinary Arts students to complete their final year at HTMi campus in Switzerland with a lucrative scholarship. Additionally, degree students in hospitality and tourism can pursue their final year at the top 10 reputed universities in the UK. These options offer students exceptional international experiences and enhance their education in the culinary arts and hospitality industry.

Practical-Oriented Education
The Indian Culinary Academy addresses the global challenge of preparing students for the industry by offering skill-oriented courses with a focus on practical knowledge. Emphasizing grooming, hospitality, and effective communication, the academy equips students to meet international standards and
secure lucrative placements in the culinary field. Also, the Indian Culinary Academy is committed to providing high-quality education, ensuring a faculty with a minimum of 15 years of experience in five-star hotels and culinary institutes. They engage with the industry through exchange programs, staying updated on trends to provide cutting-edge knowledge to students.

The Indian Culinary Academy recognizes the significance of infrastructure in providing hands-on training. It boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including five labs for advanced pastry and culinary techniques. Students benefit from a dedicated restaurant lab, a mock bar, and a studio kitchen for video creation and food photography - vital skills in today's digital age.

Furthermore, industry-academia partnerships are a cornerstone of the academy's reputation. Collaborations with prestigious hotel chains like Vivanta by Taj, Hilton, Shangri-La, and Accor Group offer unparalleled internship and placement opportunities.

The academy's extensive network of international channel partners in countries such as Mauritius, Maldives, France, Germany, the USA, and Dubai opens doors to a global perspective. This invaluable association offers students the chance to gain international exposure, broaden their culinary horizons, and embrace diverse culinary traditions and techniques.

The Indian Culinary Academy offers exceptional opportunities beyond hotel placements. Through strategic partnerships, students get to work with prestigious cruise lines like P&O, Costa, Carnival, MSC Cruises, Norwegian, and more.

The Indian Culinary Academy plans to expand courses into event and spa management, establish an institute in Mumbai, and explore opportunities in Dubai. The academy's pedagogy will evolve with innovative teaching methods, emphasizing practical training, industry collaborations, and international affiliations. Committed to culinary excellence, it nurtures future industry leaders.

Antony Mahendran, Founder
Antony Mahendran, a highly experienced culinary arts professional, is the Founder and Director of the Indian Culinary Academy in Bengaluru, established in 2011. His dedication has made it a premier institution known for comprehensive culinary education and training.
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