<b>László Lendvai</b>,<b>Head of Marketing and Admissions</b>

László Lendvai

Head of Marketing and Admissions

Holding BA in Business Studies from IBS and an MA in Economics from UM, László Lendvai handles the position of Head of Marketing and Admissions in IBS. With a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry, he is skilled in Marketing Management, Negotiation, Business Planning, Strategic Planning, and International Business.

The business arena is becoming highly competitive with each passing day and it is unequivocally making the professionals strive hard to sustain. Here, only the one who has the smart skills instilled in them can climb the success ladder and confidently confront with any given set of challenges. Amit Salve, despite acquiring a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Pune, aspired to be in this dynamic industry. He knew that international education, especially from the UK, would be the best choice for him. However, staying and studying in the UK for couple of years was not a cost-effective solution to fulfill his dreams. After a rigorous research, he found International Business School in Hungary, which is one of the favorite intuitions among the international students for obtaining a business education, owing to its partnership with The University of Buckingham that allows the students to earn a British degree without burning a large fortune by staying in the UK.

"Right from the fellow learners to the faculty members and other members of the institute, everyone was so much supportive in every aspect. One can be assured to receive a world-class and comprehensive management education, if he/she chooses to study at IBS," shares Salve. Since 1991, IBS has been dedicatedly
providing an explicit practice-oriented education in a high-profile business environment, allowing the students with a business bend of mind to get their foot in the door of a real business world. Imparting quality business education in its campuses in Budapest, Vienna, and London, IBS welcomes students from over 100 countries fostering a unique multicultural and diverse student community within the classrooms.

"The IBS campuses are filled with a flock of vibrant and friendly individuals who firmly believe in co-existence, sharing knowledge among themselves and help each other whenever in need"

László Lendvai, Head of Marketing and Admissions, IBS says, "The University of Buckingham has been rated top for graduate employability and has been leading the British National Student Survey in student satisfaction for many years. In 2017, The Times magazine ranked it as the best UK University in the Teaching Excellence Framework. Our association with such a prestigious University and handing over the degree from same indeed makes studying at IBS a unique and wise decision for the international students." The institute conducts 3-year BSc, 1 year MSc & MBA and 3-year PhD programmes, in which the Indian students' common preferred specializations are in subjects like Finance, HR and International Management.

The IBS campuses are filled with a flock of vibrant and friendly individuals who firmly believe in co-existence, sharing knowledge among themselves and help each other whenever in need. "The diligence and intelligence of our Indian students raise the standards among our student body and their open friendliness puts everyone at ease. We as well put our best efforts to make their education life at IBS memorable and dynamic," claims Lendvai. The institute has a stalwart Student Support Manager, who along with his Student Wellbeing Team provides individual attention and assistance to the international students by assisting them to adjust and solves if there any problem or issue arises. Additionally, a student-to-student support group and peer-mentoring system enable the students from foreign countries to have a smooth transition in a new environment.
Honing Professional Skills

When it comes to setting up a real-business scenario in the campus, probably hardly any other counterpart institute can beat IBS's faculty members who hold extensive industry experiences. Students are boosted to put the theoretical knowledge of their respective field into practice. Apart from varied activities carried out in the campus, the students get access to programmes and internships with multinational companies that widen their global opportunities further. "As we give a considerable importance to increase students' employability skills, IBS has set up SIDE (Skills Identification Development Exhibition), that enhances and develops the skills which are most demandable in the job arena and lets them have an advantage over others in job applications," pinpoints Lendvai.

IBS in an attempt to ease the financial burden of the students offers a wide range of scholarships, including a 25 percent scholarship on the MBA and 50-75 percent scholarship on BSc programme fee. The institute also offers on-campus residence hall, which comprises of well-equipped en suite rooms. Having churned out a large number of graduate batches over the years, the institute maintains this ‘human' capital and treats its Alumni community as the top priority, and organizes several Alumni Events. This, however, greatly assists the ongoing students to gain enormous networking possibilities, which often productively opens job opportunities for them.

"As candidates' wholesome growth matters a lot in the contemporary business scene, we encourage our students to engage in co-curricular activities. We have sports clubs, a cricket team, basketball team that participates in the university league competitions. Indian students are most welcome in these clubs and can themselves initiate new ones," opines Lendvai. There are also students clubs (finance, political science, drama) set up by students, which organize special events. This way, by entering into IBS, international students are affirmed to graduate from an esteemed business school holding a British degree awarded by The University of Buckingham and carry a life-long learning and a global mindset.
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