International School of Law and Business


International School of Law and Business (ISLB) was founded in September 1, 1998 to provide Law and Business education. It is a private university which is located in Vilnius comprising over 700
students with a growing share of international students from eight different countries of the world and nearly 100 academicians and practitioners. ISLB provides a range of courses which are taught in English. A modern approach provides professional Bachelor degrees that open up opportunities of pursuing Master degrees in Lithuania and abroad. The school fosters students’ success, employability and personal and professional development by providing exceptional teaching, learning quality and flexible curriculum. ISLB is one of the biggest private establishments of
higher education in Lithuania and in 2008 ISLB won the National Quality Prize for quality assurance system. ISLB visions in creating professionals for a progressive society and creatively thinking organization for a new era by fostering a global outlook in internationalized curricula, enhancing leadership asset. They seek to contribute to social and economic development and the knowledge based society both nationally and internationally. ISLB has topped the Lithuanian rankings for several years now and has won a reputation of a strong international academic partner.
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