Kyiv School of Economics


Founded by EERC and the Eurasia Foundation in 1996, Kyiv School of Economic (KSE) is the graduate school of economics and management in Ukraine, offering master’s programs in Business and Financial Economics, Economic Analysis, Public Policy and Governance and Management
including Procurement and Economic Journalism. The master’s programs in Business and Financial Economics, Economic Analysis offers students lucrative career opportunities and the agreement of KSE with the University of Houston in the United States permits it to grant graduates an MA in economics in their name as well. The school students are actively involved in the formation of the agenda and the representatives of all long-term programs participate in the monthly meeting with the management team. Students here in KSE get the opportunity to organize Finance Club, Case Club and Business Literature Club and invite
successful people to share their experience and give practical guidance on development. The Case Champ, Chess Champ and KSE Brain Champ (the Olympiad) are several student competition held at KSE which keep the students engaged and relaxed at the same time. The main priority of KSE Management Education is to develop strong leadership skills of corporate executives and entrepreneurs to effectively manage the development of their organizations where the students receive unique chance to learn from highly qualified full time faculty as well as experienced executives, top managers of large Ukrainian and international companies.
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