Prof. Mica Jovanovic,Rector
The Rector of Megatrend University, Prof. Mica Jovanovic, is also the President of General Cosmology Research Laboratory in Paris and winner of the Cultural and Educational Community Award of the City of Belgrade: ‘The Golden Badge' for his book "Intercultural Management" published in 2002. He has been granted the title of the "Grand Commander" of the British Order of the Fleur de Lys. A Medal of the President of the Republic of Italy for outstanding contribution to European integration – one of the highest Italian decorations was awarded to Professor Mića Jovanović in 2009. Professor Mića Jovanović, was decorated by the King of Spain Juan Carlos I with the Order of Civil Merit, in February 2013. A multi-talented personality, Prof. Jovanovic besides authoring over 80 scientific and professional papers and 18 books, he is also an outstanding musician, playing both rock and roll and classical guitar.

A foreign student while deciding on the University, in which he/she is going to spend some of the most precious periods of life, prefers only to choose the best after contemplating on varied factors. Standing tall on the pillars of quality and uniqueness, Megatrend University offers an education which is second to none and ensures the international students to take away home an experience which will be both memorable and professionally beneficial. Located in the mesmerizing Serbia and being the biggest and oldest private University in the region, Megatrend University carries a very recognizable reputation and heritage in the education sphere. "At Megatrend University, we boast of having on board the most distinguished professors hailing from Serbia and abroad, handing over excellent textbooks, maintaining an active and intensive international cooperation along with extending state-of-the-art facilities," shares Prof. Mica Jovanovic, Rector, Megatrend University.
The students, who get the opportunity to study at Megatrend, are educated in a way which helps them to develop as a person instilled with basic values of humility and transcendent wisdom that they can be transferred diligently in their daily lives. "Values play an essential role in one's life. Here, we put every effort to nurture our students to not only become a successful person in future, but also evolve as a humble human being. Our graduates are the flag bearers of the holistic and comprehensive education that we are offering since the establishment," claims Prof. Jovanovic. The University consists of 12 graduate schools, 2 colleges and the Institute for New Technologies, which are located in Belgrade and five other cities in Serbia. The popular faculties in the campus are Faculty of Business Studies, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Computer Science and so on, apart from new and specific faculties which hardly exists in any other European Universities.

"Imparting education to over 14,000 students in the campus, Megatrend University promises a welcoming environment to students coming from all over the world along with an assurance of matchless support services"

Prof. Jovanovic pinpoints, "Graduate School of Biofarming, Graduate School of Civil Aviation, DJ Academic Studies and so on, are some of the courses which reflect our commitment towards staying ahead of time. We always acknowledge the changes that are happening in the education space and keep a tune with those, enabling our students to become globally acceptable." The University posses quite a strong alumni base, many of them who are working as Ministers and State Secretaries. "Megatrend University shares a decent rapport with the Government of Serbia and this assists our students to stand out from the crowd and receive the best opportunities," adds Prof. Jovanovic. Beside this, Serbia being a non-member of EU, international students applying to the University will have smoother visa process comparing to the other European nations.

A Platform to Grow Holistically

Imparting education to over 14,000 students in the campus, the University promises a welcoming environment to students coming from all over
the world along with an assurance of matchless support services. The University is firmly dedicated to pursue excellence and bring a difference in the world at large through generating a generation which is well-informed and perfectly groomed. "We pride on having a prominent presence in the world. Over the years, our international cooperation department has established hundreds of partnerships with institutions and colleges across Europe, Asia, North, and South America," says Prof. Jovanovic. At the 4th stage of development based on a completely new concept of ‘global learning', the University vouches to encourage the students to study in different cultural, economic and political environments.

"Considering the rapid change in the education system, our competent faculty members keep on experimenting with their teaching styles by adopting methods such as lectures, exercises, seminars, workshops, simulations, role-playing and many more," opines Prof. Jovanovic. The faculty members of the University constantly strive to enrich the creativity and competence of the students by conducting high quality and interactive classes. The students are also sometimes encouraged to take part in brainstorming sessions for enhancing their critical thinking. Exclusively for international students, the University renders the mentorship facility, where the student can get access to their assigned mentors and clear their doubts and gain the necessary support.

However, for the students who have obtained high average marks in the first year, their tuition fees are cut down from 10-15 percent. "For us, our students are our foremost priority. No matter how, we try our best to make their, especially our international student's journey at Megatrend as smooth as possible," shares Prof. Jovanovic. Although the University yet does not share any relationship with Indian institutions, it is ardently looking forward to strengthening the rapport and welcome number of Indian students with open arms in the coming years. "We have planned a pool of services which we will be offering to our Indian students- from forming an Indian club to celebrate different cultural programmes. The ultimate goal is to empower them and lead to a path of success and contentment," concludes Prof. Jovanovic.
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