Turība University Turiba University was established in 1993 and it is the largest business school in Latvia. It has over five branches spread across Liepaja, Cesis, Talsi and Jekabpils. Turiba University runs a total of 25 study programmes and there are four main study directions in Turiba University which are Business
Administration, Law, International Tourism and Communication. The professional bachelor study programme Management of Tourism and Hospitality Companies and the professional master study programme Tourism Strategic Management have obtained the WTO TedQual certificate accreditation of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). It is the first higher education institution in the Baltic region and Scandinavian countries which received accreditation by the UNWTO and a high evaluation by the internationally recognized experts. It also received recognition of employers as 99.61 percent graduates of Turiba University are employed and 80 percent university students are working
during their studies. Turiba University also secured the top position as the most recognized universities. The graduates of the Turiba University are always in demand in the labour market. The university’s professional orientation allows students to gain work experience during studies in each year by offering apprenticeship opportunities and the students have an exposure to the labour market and thereby they are highly competitive when they graduate. Turiba University’s vision is to be the creative core and driving force behind the future Latvian economy and steer business ideas in the world prospering and teach others how to prosper with freedom, entrepreneurship and competence.
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