Dinesh Kulkarni,Vertical Head

Dinesh Kulkarni

Vertical Head

In the era of online video streaming, United State's popular over-the-top (OTT) service provider Netflix says that an Indian original kid's animation show, `Mighty Little Bheem' is the first show to cross lands and seas to reach viewers all around the world in just over a month. Headquartered in Los Gatos, California, Netflix also states that it is very atypical for Indian shows to gain global attention in the highly spirited global media and entertainment market. Another fact by Dinesh Kulkarni, Vertical Head, iNurture Education Solutions, exemplifies that Hollywood feature animations happen in India. "I have worked in international projects like Resident Evil, After Life, Little Krishna and Three Musketeers, from which readers can surely imagine that how Hollywood is dependent on the Indian animation industry," says Dinesh Kulkarni, Vertical Head, iNurture Education Solutions.

iNurture's Guidance in AnimationBangalore-based iNurture Education Solutions works as a bridge between education and industry, and they kept their focus separately on the service segment and product segment while designing the animation curriculum. With close to 12000 students and industry-relevant Global Education, IT, Management, New Media and Financial Services programs, iNurture Education Solutions aspires to become a fountainhead of new-age carrier enablement. Incepted in 2009, the university started out as a school of finance and later introduced animation as a long term program.

"Be it animation, ad filmmamking, visual effects or feature film making ­ storytelling, technology and design are important. These three critical parameters built an ideal animated show, a game or a film. In our university, we impart the germane skills and knowledge by International Moving Image Society and IOA accredited courses like Animation, Digital Filmmaking,
Gaming, and Visual Effects (VFX) programs," explains Mr. Kulkarni.

"With close to 12000 students and industry-relevant Global Education, IT, Management, New Media and Financial Services programs, iNurture Education Solutions aspires to become a fountainhead of new-age carrier enablement"

"When other education service providers are catering traditional; certification courses in animation, we are building the core competency of the students by making them efficient in Adobe Suits, Nuke Studio, and Autodesk. Actually, when creating a workforce for the animation industry, one cannot simply create software operators as the design doesn't happen in Adobe Photoshop; it starts with a paper-pencil and a creative mind. So, we amplify the critical thinking of our students in terms of visualizing a design," says Mr. Kulkarni. Believing that design solution to any problem, which doesn't happen with the short-term programs, iNurture Education Solutions has come up with innovative project-based learning which involves learning kinesthetic aspects for product development. "We keep a regular track of a student's progress. As a student proceeds from semester to semester, the complexity of the curriculum increases to address storytelling requirements from nonfiction to fiction and creating Trans-media platform-agnostic content. Our students have done well and they will continue to do so," says Mr. Kulkarni.

Providing Holistic Platforms
Aligning themselves with the international requirements, iNurture Education Solutions have faculties with an average industry experience of 5-15 years. The role of a faculty at iNurture Education Solutions involves guiding the students towards their desired career choices. With the aim to create a core essence of animation skills, the faculties give utmost importance to project-based learning. The important technologies that iNurture Education Solutions has incorporated are Design, Digital marketing, AI, IOT, data science, Financial services, business analytics and cloud technology. "These are the specializations my counterpart use that I leverage as a part of an interdisciplinary approach. I leverage it to my
students to make them familiar with cloud technology, and how to protect IP infringements in this digitally connected era," states Mr. Kulkarni.

Learning at iNurture Education Solutions makes a student highly skilled to deliver on international platforms. Where most of the times college graduates find it difficult to get a decent placement and e cope with the industry culture, students of iNurture with their multiskill sets are extremely productive from day one itself. "We have bagged close to 51 national and international awards that validate when it comes to successful placements. Validation with respect to course materials, extra-curricular activities and industry requirements is reflected by our 15 international awards, in student movie category," says Mr. Kulkarni.

Other Verticals and Alumni
There are separate verticals looking after the soft-skills enhancement of the students of iNurture Education Solutions. The verticals identify the weak spots of the students and help them to overcome those. "Certain traits on the soft skilling program help students to understand how a team dynamics work excellently in going forward. If anyone reads about how to build leaders, they will definitely come across the terms "proactive approach", "communication" "effective planning". Effective execution is a major milestone that students need to achieve to become world-renowned producers or directors," elucidates Mr. Kulkarni.

A triumphant alumni group of iNurture Education Solutions represents the rate at which the education solutions provider has been able to produce competent, trained and capable experts over the years. The alumni periodically visit the campus and play the part of a mentor in shaping up the students. "Right from day one when they come, the peer review happens. Now they say that the milestones for becoming an animation producer or visual effect producer, a gaming producer or a film director are set, which we can achieve within a period of five years instead of seven or ten. We definitely have parameters for reaching this height, but based on our students' caliber, I'm sure we will do so," smilingly concludes Mr. Kulkarni.
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