Kaushal Chheda,Director

Kaushal Chheda


In a world that is driven by technology, it is necessary now more than ever to make kids ready for the future. But, how? Mumbai based start-up iRobokid has come with a creative solution. "When the children are introduced to the emerging technologies at an early age, in practical and fun manner, they can embrace the pedagogies and deepen their understanding of the technologies of the future. Our goal at iRobokid is to make each child future-ready," says Kaushal Chheda, Director, JumpBall Eduventures Pvt Ltd, which runs iRobokid. The reason behind the establishment of iRobokid is simple - to give the children an opportunity to thrive in an ever-changing world of education, technology, and automation.

Chheda opines, "By 2020, five out of eight jobs will require STEM (Science / Technology / Engineering / Maths) background. Besides the school learning, which is more theoretical than practical, the
children need an environment to stimulate their curiosity and increase skills that can prepare them for the future." In a short span of time since its inception, iRobokid has already connected with over 75 schools, trained over 15000 children through various programs/workshops and camps, they have spread their wings in four cities. Being registered and recognized startup by the Government of India, iRobokid has also been selected on the indicative list of ATL vendors by the Government.

"At iRobokid, young learners will get the opportunity to work in teams and the facilitators of the institute will encourage the kids to find creative solutions while learning new technologies."

The core strength of iRobokid is its integrated and customized curriculum. All the programs of iRobokid are 'Hands On 'Mind On' practical problem-solving projects. At iRobokid, young learners will get the opportunity to work in teams and the facilitators of the institute will encourage the kids to find creative solutions while learning new technologies. "Our trainers and programs are the biggest source of inspiration for our children. Most of the trainers are from an engineering background and undergo an intensive, in-house training program before they start teaching children in schools and centrs," claims Chheda. Conducting over 100
workshops annually, iRobokid has 30+ trainers who bring an average experience of three to five years to the classrooms. "Over the past years, we have had glowing testimonials from the schools and parents who have appreciated and lauded our efforts to introducing and mentoring children in the world of S.T.E.M education," shares Chheda.

Besides organizing regular workshops, iRobokids has trained over 25 teams of children to participate in the Indian Chapter of the World Robot Olympiad. Chheda proudly says, "While, there have been so many teams who have won at the regional level and participated in the national stage on an all India level, one of our teams has also represented India at the World Robot Olympiad at Indonesia and won the competition."

Today, with strong domain knowledge and expertise, it is perfectly suited to participate in the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), which is an endeavor by the Government of India to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. "In the coming years, we want to spread our programs to reach more children, schools, and cities. We have the franchise route and as well as the Lab set up, which will help us to make more and more children future-ready," concludes Chheda.
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