Bannour Hadroug,Head of Student Marketing and Recruitment

Bannour Hadroug

Head of Student Marketing and Recruitment

We are living in a globalized economy, where commodities and services are distributed in more connected and more customized hyper-competitive market environments. In order to participate effectively in this changing world, the 21st-century students have to focus on global competitiveness as they expect to be working for international companies, competing with people from other countries and managing employees from different cultures, no matter where you come from! Situated in Germany, an internationally recognized study destination, Jacobs University is equipping hundreds of students from all over the world with specific hard skills to compete in a global job market, while cultivating their abilities to effectively share ideas and communicate across cultures in appropriate and respectful ways. Bannour Hadroug, Head of Student Marketing and Recruitment at Jacobs University says, "Jacobs University is a place to obtain the qualification to work on responsible tasks in a digitalized and globalized society. Ours is a private, English-speaking, residential campus with the highest standards in research and teaching following an interdisciplinary concept.

Master Your Talents
Founded in 2001, Jacobs University is a state-approved higher education institution that offers a broad spectrum of attractive study programs ranging from the natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering, to the social sciences and economics. Ensuring a globally recognized degree, the university has set up a Foundation Year, undergraduate and graduate study programmes in the three Focus Areas: Mobility, Health, and Diversity. Bannour Hadroug states, "We turn no stone untouched for providing premium education. Academic advisors and experienced instructors at Jacobs University offer professional guidance in the transition to career aptness. Students benefit from small class sizes, individualized support, and
state-of-the-art facilities while gaining their first practical experience in a lab environment. In the Foundation Year students explore different fields of study and acquire academic learning skills before starting their undergraduate degree.

Fifteen undergraduate programmes, all taught in English, are available at the university. They offer students a flexible and broad choice of core curriculum and electives to help them fulfill their academic goals. Speaking about the undergraduate study programmes, Bannour Hadroug explains, "An undergraduate degree program at Jacobs University equips students with the necessary qualifications for a successful academic and professional career. The unique Jacobs Track runs parallel to all of our three-year bachelor programs. This provides students with a broad range of tailor-made courses designed to foster career competencies communication, technology, business, (German) language, and management skills." Mentioning about career opportunities, he went on, "As part of our focus on career preparedness, students have the opportunity to complete an internship, to found a start-up, or to study abroad. Thus, students are able to get on-the-job training and prepare for their professional career or gain additional intercultural experience. As a result, our alumni have either continued their studies at some of the world's most reputable universities such as Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, and LSE, among others, or landed competitive jobs at Google, Microsoft, Roche, Amazon, Accenture, KPMG, GiZ, Daimler, and Tesla, among others. Some students have made a leap into entrepreneurship and launched their own businesses. 40 start-ups founded by Jacobs' alumni are active on the market worldwide."

"Jacobs University is equipping hundreds of students from all over the world with specific hard skills to compete in a global job market"

Emphasizing on engagements in scientific and industrial projects, graduate education at Jacobs University encompasses programs from engineering to psychology, the social sciences, and economics. Bannour Hadroug highlights the two graduate programs that are of special interest to international students, "The MSc in Data Engineering and the MSc in Supply Chain Management equip students with the digital competences to be
prepared for all challenges within an increasingly data-driven global economy."

Overall, Jacobs is the perfect study destination for those who want to make a leading edge in their profession. Varun Dadlani, an alumnus of Jacobs University who is currently working as Senior Recruiting Lead in Uber HQ, Amsterdam shares his study experience: "There are obviously the academic aspects and the more theoretical stuff that we were learning in classes around my major, which was Global Economics and Management. I think it is super relevant to what I do today, which is management as well. I think what prepared me even more than the academics is just the environment here, being able to study with people from more than 100 different countries, live together and kind of grow together.

Milestones of Development
Jacobs University occupies top places in respected university rankings year after year. In the WORLD University Rankings 2019 Of Times Higher Education (THE) Jacobs University was ranked one of the top 300 universities world-wide and most international university in Germany with top scores for teaching, research, international outlook, and industry income. Apart from an excellent academic foundation, Jacobs University is a lively residential campus and a perfect starting point for an international career. "1,400 students from over 110 nations engage in various clubs and activities making our vibrant campus life the source of everlasting memories," Bannour Hadroug pointed out. By means of academic education, intensive support, and through living together on an international campus, Jacobs University continues to encourage young, talented people, irrespective of nationality, religion, and background in becoming citizens of the world, able to take leading and responsible roles for the future sustainable and peaceful development of humanity.

Bannour Hadroug, Head of Student Marketing and Recruitment
Bannour Hadroug studied Management and Marketing and working in International sales and Business since 2006 in sectors as e-commerce, direct marketing, Business solutions and services.
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