10 Most Promising Universities and Colleges in Germany for Indian Students-2019

An impressive culture, a huge array of travel opportunities (as it is located almost in the centre of Europe) and numerous higher educational institutes to study are some of the popular characteristics of the beautiful country Germany. And these reasons, recently, has made Germany become a magnet for international students from all over the world. Often regarded as the higher education paradise, Germany is beatified with many worldwide ranked universities that ensure to provide globally valued degrees and high employability that too in affordable living costs. In fact, Germany is widely recognized among the overseas students for its affordability that lets them stay safe from the burn of financial burden which most of the foreign students have to face on deciding upon studying abroad. According to a survey conducted in 2018, 35.3 percent of prospective foreign students in Germany highlighted low or no tuition fee universities as the top reason why they would attend higher education in Germany.

Another factor that captivates the interest of the international students about Germany is its long and rich history and a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle that welcomes students from different countries with open arms. The people over there are quite friendly and helpful towards the students who come all the way from their respective home country to obtain study in a new country. The Country follows the lifestyle, which has a good mixture of modern and the classics, the urban and the rural, enabling the students to fall in love with the environment. If these many perks of Germany were not enough, the immigration policy of the country makes it done, which allows the international graduates to stay for an additional 18 months to seek work.

There is a good population of Indian students in the country as well, who over and time has been vouching for the quality of education and lifestyle rendered by the Germany educational institutions. For the students who are aspiring to study in Germany and are confused about selecting the finest institution in the Germany, we in the Higher Education Review have brought out a list as '10 Most Promising Universities and Colleges in Germany for Indian Students-2019' comprising of the institutes which guarantees an effective educational life and easy transition in a new environment to the international students along with enabling them to be a part of a diverse community. Prepared after rigorous research and analysis by our team of experts, researchers, and academicians, with this, we attempt to simplify the process of searching for a decent and quality Germany educational institution.

10 Most Promising Universities and Colleges in Germany for Indian Students-2019




CODE University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany The university is backed by a team of entrepreneurs and digital pioneers from successful start-ups and it has a perfect environment for the students to learn and grow.
Fashion Design Institut (FDI) Duesseldorf, Germany The institute is a playground for fashion design enthusiasts, where the upcoming designers are influenced to become renowned designers in the world.
International School of Management Dortmund, Germany One of the top-notch B-Schools in Germany. It ensures that the students become responsible management professionals in the global business environment.
Jacobs University Bremen, Germany The university is providing extensive learning opportunity to the students through its rich research education and interdisciplinary learning.
PFH Private University of Applied Sciences Gottingen, Germany The teachings of the university has an amalgamation of latest technologies and innovation through which the students gain impeccable practical knowledge.
SRH Hochschule Berlin Berlin, Germany The university is poised to bring the best out of the students through research and interactive learning and it provides the best study condition to its students.
The International University of the SDI MUENCHEN Munich, Germany The teachings imparted at the institute is science based and job oriented, in which the focus is kept intact into subject and culture.
Trier University of Applied Sciences Schneidershof, Germany With its highly appreciable curriculum, strong and creative teaching methods, the university has an aim to shape the students for the betterment of the world through its scrupulous pedagogy.
University of Applied Management Studies Mannheim, Germany The curriculum of the university has a perfect blend of theory and practical learning with all the ingredients required by a student to achieve success.