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By Janina Reichert, Marketing Officer
Janina Reichert,Marketing Officer

Janina Reichert

Marketing Officer

Germany has become a top choice today for millions of international students. According to recent data, around 370,000 international students currently pursue education opportunities in Germany. One of the main factors that attract students from all over the world towards this European country is the opportunity to study in English. With 100% English track courses, the University of Applied Management Studies (HdWM) is a key study destination for English-taught courses in Germany with a unique, innovative study model in the management education for hundreds of international as well as national students. Combining academic knowledge with practical learning methods, HdWM aims to create specialists and skilled professionals in the field of business management. "We train students and lead them to comprehensive, interdisciplinary education and personality development as well as to the development of necessary professional skills. HdWM offers many English-taught courses, which is one of the highlights of our curriculum and the university empowers students with experiential learning through in-service training and industry cooperation," indicates Prof. Roy J Jenkins, Professor of International Business & Strategic Management at HdWM.

As a state-recognized private university, HdWM offers a wide range of study and further education opportunities with an innovative and business-related university model. The institute provides standardized courses in bachelor and masters programs, B.Sc. Psychology and Management, BA Consulting and Sales Management and MA Business Management, to name a few. Prof. Jenkins adds, "The University of Applied Management Studies
(HdWM) is a value-based private business school. Our management courses are offered in a unique, innovative study model; it combines the academic advantages of attendance studies with the practical advantages of dual universities, as evidenced by the expertise of the Wissenschaftsrat."

"Combining academic knowledge with practical learning methods, HdWM aims to create specialists and skilled professionals in the field of business management"

Founded in 2011 in Mannheim, Germany, HdWM is a private management school, fully accredited by the state of Baden-Württemberg. Since its establishment, the university strives to provide students with the ideal conditions for successful studies and future employment. The quality curriculum, expert faculty, highly professional approach to practice-based learning and affordable tuition fees are the key differentiating factors that keep HdWM one-step ahead of other private universities in Germany. The institute ensures cutting-edge practical exposure and opens the door to the strongest career prospects for students by involving industry veterans, experts and executives from HdWM's partner companies. With the support of its major shareholder Internationale Bund (IB), one of the large service providers in youth, social and educational work in Europe, HdWM is able to create plenty of real-world training opportunities for students. This benefits students as well as companies and public institutions such as municipalities and job centers to find qualified personnel at the organization. Prof. Jenkins explains, "As a university of business management, HdWM, in cooperation with companies, develops courses of study related to business administration, management and IT. We provide companies with graduates with much-needed specialists and junior executives. In doing so, the institute particularly promotes `hidden talents' who, because of their social or cultural background, need support in accessing studies and careers. Moreover, Internationale Bund (IB) as our majority shareholder makes a valuable contribution to shaping the education market through its years of successful business activities."
Targeted placements through a
Dedicated Career Service Center

Career Services is a central element of the HdWM study model. It is the link between partner companies and students. Our Career Services helps to form relationships between students and partner companies. "Career Services has the task to combine the requirements of the partner companies with the wishes of the students, which ideally leads to a mediation (matching).

This process already starts with the first consultation in the admissions process. Students are assessed whether their personality fits our university or to a future partner enterprise. The data collected in our application procedure serves as the basis for the 'matching'. During the entire course of study, the employees of Career Services look after the students and ensure that they get to know each other personally in various events, such as contact fairs, guest lectures, and career seminars, and to get to know partner companies and students," Prof. Jenkins pointed out.

Starting with 28 students and three courses, the University of Applied Management Studies (HdWM) has developed as one of the leading private universities in Germany. Presently, the university offers five bachelor's degree and two master degree programmes to about 450 students. Through international networking with other universities, the use of synergies, in particular with the partners Internationale Bund and Deutsch-Türkisches Institut für Arbeit und Bildung eV, as well as the international orientation of the college and the students, HdWM has demonstrated its cosmopolitanism. When asked about the university's future plans, Prof. Jenkins revealed, "We are growing fast. The institute expects more than 600 students in the upcoming years. And we also will continue to deliver high-quality teaching and international orientation and will focus on research projects on business-related management issues as well as quaternary education. The HdWM will keep on generating its own resources for its continuous improvement and innovation."
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