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By Andrew Williams, Professor of English
Andrew Williams,Professor of English

Andrew Williams

Professor of English

Foreign language learning doesn't just mean studying the semantics, lexicons and grammar, but indicates a huge global career advantage as well. Learning a foreign language offers an opportunity to connect to more markets globally and it upgrades one's professional skills. And, learning German has plenty of benefits. Since Germany is one of the primary destinations of foreigners for higher education and employment, including Indian nationals, studying the German language affords new global career prospects, increased salary/earning potential for those who are already working in Germany and easy communication in and around Europe and the world. With more than six decades' experience in translation and language studies, the International University of the SDI Munich is one of the most renowned educational institutions specialising in business, communication and media in Europe. Believing that communication is vital in today's world, the SDI Munich has traditionally been offering young minds a future-oriented, practice-oriented training as translators and interpreters, as well as foreign language correspondents, all under one roof since 1952.

"Our university is part of the SDI, which was founded in Munich as a training facility for translators and interpreters in 1952. In 2007, we took the step of founding a university, offering a BA programme for translators and, more importantly, a variety of degree programmes at BA and MA level for budding young professionals who use communication in international and intercultural contexts," explains Dr. Andrew Williams, Professor of English at the international University of the SDI Munich. Today, the university offers state-approved and accredited BA and MA degree programs focusing on business, communication, and media.

They teach foreign languages like Chinese, English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish. The students at the International University of the SDI Munich benefit from small learning groups and the close
contact to the qualified faculty members and are equipped with the necessary skills to further their careers in today's competitive employment market. Above all, they are ready and able to work internationally, and they have demonstrated their employability during the practice-oriented degree programme at the university, which includes an integrated practical semester.

The special features of the SDI are the large selection of subject areas and languages, the location of Munich itself and, above all, the practical approach to higher education. The state curricula and accredited course contents on which the lessons are based were designed by staff of the institute and are constantly updated. The new Master's Degree Programmes starting in the winter semester 2019/20 are MA Conference Interpreting ­ German-Chinese Double Degree (in cooperation with Beijing Foreign Studies University), MA International Sales Management, Máster Internacional para Profesores de Español como Lengua Extranjera and MA Translation Management ­ dual studies. "We, the SDI, are one of the most respected institutions for job-related education and training in the field of international business and communication. We are distinguished by modern teaching and learning methods, our practical orientation as well as subject-specific and culture-specific competence. Besides our study programmes, the international University of the SDI Munich provides a large number of German courses. Our German as a Foreign Language department draws on more than 65 years of language-teaching experience and expertise," Williams adds. If you would like to improve your German for academic, professional or personal reasons, the SDI has the right course for you.

"With more than six decades' experience in translation and language studies, the international University of the SDI Munich is one of the most renowned educational institutions specialising in business, communication and media in Europe"

Guided by Subject Matter Experts
The working and learning environment of the international University of the SDI Munich is characterized by respect and trust. At the university, 150 lecturers teach with great professional and personal commitment. Most of them work in their respective fields while teaching at the SDI. They work as translators, interpreters, philologists, lexicographers,
terminologists, lawyers,business administrators or engineers. Williams adds: "While students in other universities might experience their professor as a 'sage on the stage' (a teacher who spends the whole lesson talking), we look to the 'guide on the side' model (teachers who let students talk and structure the lesson). Our professors know their students individually and are able to take the time to help them reach their goals. Their rich practical experience coupled with linguistic, technical and didactic expertise guarantees market-oriented training. Students get the opportunity to work on international job-related projects."

Since its inception in 2007, the international University of the SDI Munich has developed continuously, producing hundreds of graduates who have gone on to become young, successful professionals. In 2011, the university was moved to a new, spacious campus just 10 minutes by subway from the historic city centre and the river Isar. The campus offers accommodation for international students and features well-equipped teaching rooms. Here, people from over 70 different countries teach and learn. The university offers scholarships based on merit and high social and communicative competence for students. With flexibility and willingness to innovate, the university is constantly developing new degree programmes to adapt to the international education market. Recently, the university celebrated 12 years of impactful teaching and research. Driven by competence, practical relevance, individual support, cultural diversity and a relaxed yet lively atmosphere, the international University of the SDI Munich wishes to continue its legacy as a centre of excellence and to support learning partners to become internationally successful.

Dr. Andrew Williams, Professor of English at The International University Of The Sdi Munich
Born in Carnarvon, Western Australia, Andrew Williams graduated from the University of Melbourne, Australia, before moving to Germany to complete his doctorate at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich in 2003. He has written several books on the English language and a number of short guides to major works of English literature. He has been at the international University of the SDI Munich since 2012 and teaches, amongst other things, corporate communication and negotiation skills.
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