Luxury Hotelschool Paris: Shaping Elite Talent For The Luxury Hotel Industry

By Olivier Deveaud, CEO
Luxury Hotelschool Paris: Shaping Elite Talent For The Luxury Hotel Industry
Olivier Deveaud,CEO Arenowned institute, for more than three decades, Luxury Hotelschool has been shaping the expertise of managers and leaders within the luxury and ultra-luxury hotel industry, both in France and on the international stage. The roots of the institution trace back to the late 19th century when Charles Bouvier, the grandfather of the school's founder, assumed the role of Inspector at the esteemed Societe Internationale des Wagons-Lits, overseeing the organization of presidential journeys.

At its core, Luxury Hotelschool is characterized as an institution prioritizing excellence and meticulousness in its courses, boasting an unparalleled network of academic and hotel affiliations within the educational realm such as Ritz, Shangri-La, IHG, Marriott, Hilton, Dochester Collection, Oetker Collection. The commitment to delivering a personalized learning experience, marked by special care and attention, is a pledge the school steadfastly upholds.

International Partnerships for a Multicultural Environment
From its inception, Luxury Hotelschool has cultivated a multicultural environment by establishing academic partnerships with esteemed international institutions, including American (Cornell), British (CTH, LSBU, Surrey, Coventry), and Swiss (EHL) counterparts. Currently, 10 percent of the student body comprises individuals from foreign nations, with the aspiration to further extend the global footprint by accommodating 30 percent of foreign students, offering them specialized training in luxury hotel management. Notably, the graduate employability rate stands at an impressive 97 percent, with over 25 percent securing leadership roles abroad.

The Luxury Hotelschool's specialized training programs are meticulously designed to cater specifically to the distinctive requirements of palaces and 5-Star hotels and resorts. A distinctive hallmark of the Luxury Hotelschool lies in the fusion of French-style luxury, Anglo-Saxon management principles, and the renowned Swiss hotel training expertise, fostered through a collaborative partnership with EHL Group.

“Our internationally recognized programs cover all aspects of luxury hotel management: finance, operations and event management, quality management, marketing and strategy, business creation, and project management. Students are also introduced to team and HR management and development, hotel concept creation, innovation, and interculturality.
Master's programs enable students to acquire the skills and tools they need to become leaders in the luxury hotel industry: corporate strategy, growth drivers, business development. Our professors are professionals in both teaching and the luxury hotel industry.

All have extensive experience of palaces, hotel management, luxury marketing, and operations in housekeeping, front-office, F&B or events. It's this sharing of experience and skills that opens the doors of luxury to our students”, says Olivier Deveaud, CEO of the Luxury Hotelschool Paris.

”Luxury Hotelschool prioritizes an immersive educational experience, exposing students to luxury moments akin to those of discerning customers”

Shaping Leaders in Immersive Hospitality Education
Luxury Hotelschool prioritizes an immersive educational experience, exposing students to luxury moments akin to those of discerning customers. These encounters include Michelin-starred restaurant lunches, overnight stays in prestigious Palaces, receptions in opulent hotels, and meetings with industry leaders, as well as private champagne tastings in renowned Houses. Through careful analysis of these experiences, students gain insights into the nuanced details that define the realm of luxury.

A specialized program, the M.Sc. International Hospitality and Tourism Management, catered to foreign students, is offered entirely in English. Equivalent to a business school curriculum, the M.Sc. covers core subjects tailored to the luxury hotel industry, complemented by a 6-month internship in a managerial role at partner luxury hotels. Graduates of this program access positions such as Hotel Director, Operations Director, F&B Director, Sales Director, or Guest Relation Manager.

The institution facilitates the international mobility of its foreign students by providing guiding support in navigating visa-related administrative procedures. The post- Baccalaureate curriculum spans five years, with the initial two years in collaboration with EHL, followed by Bachelor's and Master's degrees offered in either French or English.

Students can join the Luxury Hotelschool directly for the 3rd year bachelor or for the master's degree. Students are guaranteed internships worldwide in high-end establishments annually, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships that allow students to acquire in-depth knowledge of luxury hotel codes and provide hoteliers with a talent pool aligned with their processes and brand identity.

Luxury Hotelschool remains vigilant in tracking industry trends and innovations, adapting its training programs to meet the evolving needs of hotel partners and align with emerging customer expectations.
This ongoing monitoring ensures the institution's responsiveness to challenges in marketing, sales, human resources, and sustainable development.

Nurturing Excellence
Luxury Hotelschool prioritizes personalized support, maintaining small class sizes of no more than 20 students. The curriculum encompasses theoretical courses covering industry standards and new trends, complemented by practical training facilities such as kitchens, a gourmet restaurant, a 5-star hotel reception, and various hospitality settings, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of diverse roles.

Recognizing the international nature of the luxury hotel clientele, courses are conducted in both French and English, with additional language options like Spanish, Russian, and Arabic.

Commitment to pedagogical excellence is reflected in meticulous teacher selection and a continuous improvement approach, assessed through annual audits aligning with universities and EHL group standards. This commitment drives the development of innovative teaching solutions that inspire motivation and understanding, meeting the evolving chal¬lenges of education and the expectations of new generations.

Striving to Contribute towards Industry Growth
Luxury Hotelschool maintains strong ties with its network of luxury hotel partners, who consistently express satisfaction with the quality of students trained at the school. This trust has elevated the institution to a key partner, evidenced by the increasing number of internships offered annually, fostering collaborative HR development and recruitment plans. Graduates frequently secure direct employment with these esteemed hotels.

The involvement of sponsors and hotel directors is crucial, providing ongoing support, sharing expertise, and promoting careers in the luxury hotel industry. Luxury Hotelschool's commitment to high standards has led to numerous success stories, with alumni often ascending to directorial roles in luxury establishments worldwide before the age of 45. The establishment is currently establishing an Alumni Club to further enhance this vibrant community.

Situated in the heart of Paris, the Palace-like campus immerses students in luxury, surrounded by palaces and department stores. Dedicated spaces for student life foster connections beyond classrooms, shaping a sense of belonging to a group, school, and the luxury universe.

The inclusive tuition covers daily breakfast and lunch, and the campus is equipped with cutting-edge digital technologies to enhance the learning experience.
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