Maagna College of Hotel Management and Tourism

By Sunil Reddy, Director
Sunil Reddy,Director

Sunil Reddy


In February 2017, India hosted 9.56 lakh foreign travellers, an increase of 13 percent compared to 8.47 lakh in February 2016 and 7.61 lakh in February 2015. The hospitality and tourism sector has been witnessing a tremendous growth over the years, triggering the need of quality education centers, which can navigate the aspirants to find their true north. In order to meet this need, the formation of a premier institution, Maagna College of Hotel Management and Tourism took place in the year 2012. R. Sunil Reddy, Director, Maagna College of Hotel Management and Tourism says,

“We understand the dearth of proficient and qualified professionals in the hospitality sector and thus with sheer persistence we are keeping no stone unturned to provide quality education to our students.”

Maagna is a perfect place for the students who dream of a gleaming future and achieving big in the spectrum of hospitality, as the institute not only encourages the students to fetch a suit-able job but also captivate their attention towards the recent bandwagon of ‘Startups.’ All the offered courses in the institution are designed in a manner where the students are expected to gain maximum knowledge and accomplish accolades in their forthcoming life.
A Rare Mix of Quality and Affordability
In the versatile sector of hospitality, where most of the learning takes place with practical classes, the need for adequate cam-pus facilities in this regard becomes a paramount priority. By offering quality and affordable education, Maagna is not lagging behind in any aspect compared to other leading institutes. The institute has its own campuses in Warangal and Karimnagar the best known smart cities of Telangana state. The ex-tensive campus is adorned with all the imperative facilities like basic training kitchen, fully equipped Labs, Guest rooms, Llibrary filled with journals and industry related magazines and more. “We inevitably strive to provide the unbeatable quality of education for the students with less investment. The fee structure for all the offered courses is not expressive and is being prepared keeping in mind the affordability factor,” claims S. Praveen Reddy, Managing Director, Maagna College of Hotel Management and Tourism.

Maagna College of Hotel Management and Tourism offers courses that vary from Bachelors degree (3 years)to PG Diploma (1 year) and Master’s Diploma in Hotel management (2 years) to Integrated PG Diploma (18 Months). However, the students of Maagna never stay confined to the course curriculum; rather, they are always motivated to develop their innate skills through different co-curricular activities, balancing the right blend of theory and practical classes. From time to time, the institute also organizes personality development and soft skill classes by prominent personalities and experts from distinct departments.

The Secret Ingredient of Maagna Learning

The concerned journey of the students in the campus is beatified with the presence of a team of experienced and qualified faculty members who believe in adopting a very effective and deliberate teaching learning process throughout the course duration. Each faculty excites the learners to be an equal participator in the classroom, creating the learning process more engaging and stimulating. Beating the technological evolution is onerous; in consequence, the faculty members continuously keep on revising their skills through taking part in various training programs.

Generating Cutting-Edge Hospitality Professionals
The undeniable growth of popularity of campus placement has given rise in the rate of employability. There is a substantial competition between institutions in bringing their students the best placements. At Maagna, when the faculty members finish playing their part, then momentous role of the placement cell gets started. Herein, Maagna College customarily follows the trend and is known for its 100 percent placement record.

Today, the students of Maagna are working in acclaimed companies and brands around the world. Regardless to say that the institute has come a long way in this short span of time and has proven its ramification through the success of its past students. “We visualize imparting education that will help the aspiring students in accomplishing their long term goals,” concludes Praveen Reddy.
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