Mercer University: One Of America's Oldest And Most Distinctive Institutions Of Higher Learning

Imbibing the mission to foster the undergraduate, graduate, and professional learning including the related researches and applications for servicing the industry, Mercer University is serving the needs of education. It has the popular courses of the 21st century, which include Business Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Engineering, Biological, and Biomedical Sciences, Social Sciences, and Psychology.

The university is an epitome of excellence and innovation, aligning solutions to challenges faced by communities worldwide. Its high standard of teaching, learning and research, and
scholarship programs attract students from every part of the world. Mercer University was founded in 1833 by Baptists and is an independent university binding the traditional learning methods of freedom of mind and spirit. The environment regards every individual worthy of education and equal rights in the campus and is focused on fulfilling the human rights.

The education community of Mercer University has internal and external levels – both where it maintains extraordinary standards. Students, faculty, and staff encourage, support, and respect their viewpoints and motivates all along for better performance.
In discovering new dimensions of knowledge like other universities, Mercer University is devoted to unique interdisciplinary nature of research and for that it collaborates with schools and colleges. In closing notes, Mercer University is leading the way to equipping students with industrial knowledge needed to reach the epitome of respective careers. Upon completing learning from Mercer University, students become eligible to pursue advanced study in liberal arts. Furthermore, they can make career in education ministry, performing arts, law and judiciary, entrepreneurship, engineering, teaching, and healthcare.