University Of North Georgia: Providing A Culture Of Academic Excellence In A Studentfocused Environment

The University of North Georgia, being a part of the University System of Georgia and designated under the State Leadership Institution and The Military College of Georgia holds almost 20000 students. It is one of the largest public universities located in Georgia. Offering 100+ programs (which range from certified and associated degrees to professional doctoral programs), the University of North Georgia has undergraduate degree programs in Business, Education, Health, Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM. Located in the state’s rapidly growing area, the University of Georgia has a total of five campuses, which are united
by a single mission. The mission is to deliver academics to students for their excellence in later career. The co-curricular programs also develop students into becoming torchbearers for a global societal reformation.

The University of North Georgia is a consolidation of the North Georgia College and State University and Gainesville State College of the University System of Georgia’s two high-quality schools in 2013. After the Civil War, the U.S. Mint property (City of Dahlonega) got the State of Georgia to fulfill the educational purposes from where the North Georgia Agriculture College
was born in 1873. The campus has an iconic Price Memorial Hall having a gold-covered bell tower. It is a nationally registered historic view as U.S. Mint once stood there. As the first co-educational university, from the day of inception till today, the University of Georgia has military educational program. The Corps of Cadets is still carried on symbolizing the signature element. The University of North Georgia focuses on arts and science. Emphasizing on introducing more academic programs, the university was reclassified as a state university and was renamed the North Georgia College and State University.