Pattabhi Ramaiah,CEO The years spent closely with Intel, IBM, SAP India through Mayan Infotech Pvt.Ltd and Dexler Information Solutions was good enough for Pattabhi Ramaiah to launch Mindbridge Consulting. Established in 2004, the company offers complete assistance to organizations to increase productivity and performance through employee effectiveness. "Our major consideration has been to help customers in the areas that they find difficult to execute training programs and consulting," says Pattabhi Ramaiah, CEO, Mindbridge Consulting.

With a decade of experience in corporate training, Mindbridge is able to cover almost all the major needs of IT industry by providing high-quality assistance in Java/J2EE, Microsoft Technologies, SAP, Systems programming and Embedded Systems, Mobile application space, Business intelligence and Analytics, and IMS.
"We are a technology company and we understand the technical stack of the organization when they come," says Pattabhi Ramaiah. Organizations can approach this company to nurture the skills of their employees through Fresher Induction Training, Employees growth in learning curve (Calendar Batches) and Project related training process. Mindbridge offers customized services to their clients by building specially designed curriculums of a technology vertical to meet the Client Business goals.

Pattabhi Ramaiah says, "We sit with the customers to understand their needs and only then do we create a course structure and identify the relevant people who can deliver the program at the highest quality,"

Quality is always a buzzword in all organizations and the top management can never compromise on that aspect. Mindbridge Consulting have gathered a talent pool of more than 55 consultants to provide training in SAP space alone to train employees of Accenture and other customers. Likewise, according to the need of industry they have gathered enough talented people on other Technology Verticals with an average experience of more than seven years from all verticals. To maintain quality, they constantly collect objective and unbiased feedback from the clients on their training requirements.
"We sit with the customers to understand their needs and only then do we create a course structure and identify the relevant people who can deliver this program at the highest quality," says Pattabhi Ramaiah.

Consistency and quality made this company a favorite among many IT giants like Accenture, Wipro, Samsung, Manhattan, Intel and SAP Labs to name a few. Mindbridge Consulting as Technology Partners has trained more than 4500 professional from Accenture on SAP alone and more than 450 technocrats from Novell Systems on Systems Programming & Embedded systems are couple of mere examples to show their expertise in corporate training and delivering to the needs of the customers. The habit of achieving challenging deadlines, increased demands, faster cycles and squeezed demands show that they are one of the rare breads in corporate training.
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