Dr. Shalini Urs,Founder & Chairperson

Dr. Shalini Urs

Founder & Chairperson

The MYRA School of Business is an in- novatively designed business school es- tablished in 2012 in Mysore under the aegis of the Mysore Royal Academy (MYRA). So what is MYRA really like? The answer— awesome! According to MehulShah, Territory Business Development Rep- resentative, Amazon. Mehul gradu- ated from MYRA in 2014 and said, “It's been a journey of transformation. Joining MYRA is one of the best de- cisions I have made. Being part of the founding batch, there were numerous doubts, which were quickly put to rest once the program started. The USP of MYRA is an International MBA at af- fordable cost,” says Mehul Shah, who joined MYRA after more than five years as IT Analyst at TCS. For a fresh graduate like me, the first job is always special and challenging, said Surya Vadhana currently working as Re- search Executive, at Nielsen.My tran- sition from the classroom to the work- place was almost seamless, thanks to the training at MYRA. When world- class faculty and industry experts reg- ularly give you insight into what cor- porations expect from employees, it becomes easy. Such was the platform made available at MYRA and helped me succeed at my role at Nielsen gush- es Surya who graduated in 2015. Shiv Shankar M, Consultant, Infosys Glob- al Consulting had this to say on his role and MYRA. As a business consultant in the financial services domain, I help problem-solve issues that require a holistic understanding of the client's business, systems, processes and pro- cedures .

The varied courses at MYRA helped me connect the dots, under- stand the dependencies and evaluate impact across the organization. Data Analytics, Risk Management courses and the Big Data workshops gave me a head start in reviewing large datasets to identify trends, build models and predict
outcomes and this has been of great help in performing Root Cause Analyses and Solution Designing for clients. Siva joined the PGPX batch of 2015 after six years at Goldman Sachs.

“The purpose of education is to develop critical thinking, creativity and interpersonal skills that prepare young people for life, work and to be- come responsible citizens. And these are critical in the present age of dis- ruption” says Dr. Shalini Urs, Found- er and Chairperson, MYRA School of Business. The institute offers two business education programs: Post Graduate Program in Management (PGDM) and the Post Graduate Pro- gram for Executives (PGPX). As Em- ployability and career growth matters to most of the students at MYRA, which has completed just five years of existence by graduating two batches of management professionals. MYRA has already established tie-ups with educational institutes of global repute. Some of them are Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics (CLSBE), Portugal, Universi- ty of Washington Bothell School of Business, U.S. and the Dalhousie University, Canada and others offer opportuni- ties for “Study Abroad” for student and thus give a leg up in their careers.

The curriculum adopted by MYRA is cutting-edge in terms of the requirements of the industry with a global perspective. It focuses on building the foundation of man- agement through the 15 core courses, which address the requirement of a sound management professional. MYRA’s core courses include Quantitative Mathematical Skills, Fi- nance and Accounting, along with Entrepreneurship as a subject, which trains the students to develop an entrepre- neurial mindset. Dr. Shalini pinpoints, “Complementing our curriculum, we have adopted the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ concept which espouses that industries should look beyond profits.
It suggests the consideration of three P’s- profit, planet (environment) and people which holds responsibility for an organization, the society’s welfare it belongs to and well being of people in and around it.”
And this concept MYRA tries to ingrain in its students. In the effort to provide high quality education, MYRA has brought together experience rich and culturally varied faculty members who have studied and taught at world-class universities from countries like the U.S., Hungary, UK, Canada, New Zealand and India.

The B-school has 10 in- house and 25 visiting faculty members with 15+ years of industry experience, who are blending Indian and Western perspectives of teaching methods to add intellectual di- versity in the classroom. They display a dynamic form of learning experience alongside involvement in projects and paper publishing, which benefits the growth of students. Professors at MYRA are also active as business consultants, ber of placement opportunities thereafter. On an average a PGDM student receives an emolument of Rs. 7 lakhs per annum and highest of upto Rs 12 lakhs; and a PGPX stu- dent receives Rs. 15 lakhs per annum and highest of upto Rs 24 lakhs. However, placement occurs throughout the year in MYRA, ‘WOW – Week of Welcome’ an orientation program is organized at the first week of every new batch. Here, industry professionals visit and address the new stu- dents at the campus. This approach is to interweave both skill building and industry interaction,which would remain with them throughout the year. Organizations such as Am- azon, Bharti AXA, Biocon, HDFC, Infosys and many more come to MYRA to hire the students.

MYRA looks forward to introduce a dual degree pro- gram in the future and to strengthen their potency by ramp- ing up global partnerships, good faculty and innovative ed- ucational offerings. Dr. Shalini expects Mysore to be the ‘Boston of India,’ as Boston is the hub of the top educational institutes in the world such as Harvard University, Massa- chusetts Institute of Technology and many more. Mysore, which is close to the silicon valley of India--Bangalore, has best of both worlds, and Shalini Urs foresees it to be one of the major educational destinations in India and MYRA playing a major role in it.
Management College of the year- 2016