Dr. Susheel Bathla,Member, Board of Trustees, New York College of Podiatric Medicine

Dr. Susheel Bathla

Member, Board of Trustees, New York College of Podiatric Medicine

Podiatric Medicine, a branch of medical sciences which involves the study, analysis, and treatment of various disorders that affect foot, lower leg, and ankle, is in high demand in India. As diabetics mostly have foot related problems and as India is an influential hub for the global diabetes epidemic, with the second highest rate of diabetes in the population in the world, according to numerous experts, the country is in urgent need of a bracket of skilled Podiatrists. This is greatly attracting the youth of India to pursue a career in this direction; however, due to the absence of institutions that primarily focus on Podiatric Medicine in their own home country, the students prefer to obtain their degree from abroad. A pioneer in Podiatric Medicine, the New York College of Podiatric Medicine (NYCPM) is proud of being the first podiatric medical college within the US, and receives several applicants annually from India. Located in the center of New York City, the College guarantees the students a globally recognized degree and a vibrant and conducive environment in which to study.

Dr. Susheel Bathla, Member, Board of Trustees of NYCPM proudly says, "Our diverse student population also comprises first or second-generation Indian or Indian-Americans from all over the US and even from around the world. Notably, word of mouth from family and friends regarding NYCPM's outstanding education helps us in sustaining our international student body." Instituted in 1911, NYCPM to date has graduated 25 percent of all active podiatrists in the United States. The College has been recognized widely for imparting subjects such as Molecular Biology, Immunology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Histology and Gross Anatomy, plus full cadaver dissection, with faculty members as the backbone. The faculty members of NYCPM hold a significant love for teaching and are dedicated to passing
on their specialized knowledge.Further, the low student teacher ratio assists in creating an environment of personal teaching, giving each student equal opportunity to engage in the teaching-learning process. "We are one of the few podiatric institutions that have a fulltime pre-clinical faculty. Because of this, pre-clinical faculty and their respective expertise are extremely accessible to our students," pinpoints Dr. Bathla. As New York City is the home to many of the most prestigious health care institutions in the world, NYCPM has initiated affiliations with many of these, including Mount Sinai Hospital, Touro University and the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation. Dr. Bathla adds, "Owing to our suitable location in NYC, our students get limitless opportunities for networking and stay in touch with the industry. This indeed makes them unique from the other graduates."

"Affiliated to Manipal University, NYCPM has avant-garde facilities and courses such as virtual microscopy, computer-based testing, wireless digital x-rays, to name a few"

Highlighting the Practical Experience
Medical education, unlike traditional courses, requires lots of hands-on experiences and the College takes care of it explicitly. Affiliated to Manipal University, NYCPM has avant-garde facilities and courses such as virtual microscopy, computer-based testing, wireless digital x-rays, to name a few, that allow the students to gain ample practical training before they enter into the realm of professional life. "We also have an anatomy lab that is a state-of-the-art teaching facility that incorporates traditional dissection with cuttingedge technology. Each dissection table has a corresponding computer monitor above it so that students can correlate the dissection with radiologic images of the region," claims Dr. Bathla. The robust training that the students of NYCPM receive throughout their courses, makes them not only competent but also lets them in person see pathologies that can be usually done only by reading textbooks.

In a College that is solely dedicated to the field of podiatric medicine, both the students and faculty members at NYCPM are quite clear about their goals and objectives, and thus work accordingly. The perfect
mix of classroom instruction with superior clinical training sharpens their knowledge as well as enhancing the practical base of the students. In the long-term it helps them excel in their jobs and remain in demand in the market. Teaching methods like evidence-based medicine and problem-based learning in laboratories, are coupled with preparing the third-year students by introducing them to clinical practice by having patients placed in their care under the direct supervision of an attending podiatric doctor. Dr. Bathla shares, "In order to keep ourselves updated with the happening and development of Podiatric medicine in India, we have associated with Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, Kerala. Our students moreover get to participate in monthlong international externships at affiliations that we have across the world."

The students of NYCPM over the years have performed social works in areas within north, south and central India and have helped people who live in remote areas and don't have access to regular podiatric care. These kinds of activities enable NYCPM's students to understand medicine on a much more global level. "Students are our priority. We put collective efforts to make their learning experience at NYCPM fruitful. Given this, we offer over $750,000 in annual scholarships for our students," says Dr. Bathla. On the other side, in the pursuit of providing a warm and welcoming gesture to the international student, NYCPM assigns mentors to each student through the Big Brother/Big Sister program, where students are rendered continuous assistance. "Hosting students from all over the world, including places like Canada, Africa, and India, we are always ready to welcome overseas students to be part of our NYCPM family," concludes Dr. Bathla.

Dr. Susheel Bathla, Member, Board of Trustees
A Member of the Board of Trustees at NYCPM, Susheel Bathla, DPM, has taught Education in Human Values for almost 20 years to pre-teen and teen students. Dr. Bathla also serves as a doctor of podiatric medicine and has two offices, one in Staten Island, NY and in Trenton, NJ. Dr. Bathla received her BS degree in Medical Sciences, with honors, from Government College for Women,Punjab University, India, and her DPM degree from NYCPM in 1994.
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