Noida International Institute Of Medical Sciences: Committed To Imparting Highest Standards Of Medical Education & Healthcare Services

By Dr. Devesh Kumar Singh, Chairman
Noida International Institute Of Medical Sciences: Committed To Imparting Highest Standards Of Medical Education & Healthcare Services
Dr. Devesh Kumar Singh,Chairman In a country like India, where the medical infrastructure is still developing, there is a high demand for qualified doctors. A study released by the Indian government states that there were roughly 11.57 lakh allopathic doctors in 2019. Despite the fact that India has a large number of doctors, there is still a high demand for doctors due to the country's continually growing population, as more than 1,457 people have access to just a single doctor as of right now.

This ratio is below the World Health Organization standard of 1:1000, which takes into account the nation's about 1.35 billion present residents. Therefore, students intend to pursue medical degrees in India for a successful career as a doctor. However, there is still dearth for credible and trustworthy institutions where medical aspirants can receive quality education.

To solve the problem & to make medical education accessible to all eligible students, Noida International Institute of Medical Sciences (NIIMS) comes into being. NIIMS, a unit of Noida International University is a centre of excellence with a mission to develop pat-terns of teaching in undergraduate medical education in an attempt to produce specialists in several disciplines of medicine. The educational institute is driven by a single vision of transforming the healthcare industry via excellence and leadership in medicine through clinical treatment, research, and education.

Noteworthy Teaching Techniques The unique teaching techniques employed by NIIMS include key-focused teaching, which uses specific in-stances to pique students' interest before introducing the knowledge and abilities required to address the problems. The professors deliver interdisciplinary training with an emphasis on how theory and clinical practice can be combined to produce the ideal balanced techniques that students can apply in actual healthcare settings.
When NIIMS hires new faculty members, it adheres to strict qualifying standards and conducts a thorough background check on each candidate. The advisory boards at NIIMS also include business leaders who supervise the recruitment of qualified candidates and monitor faculty adherence to the best teaching methods and curricula.

For those who wish to pursue a career as a licensed physician, the Noida International Institute of Medical Sciences (NIIMS) offers the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program. Also, School of Allied Health Sciences at NIU was founded with the goal of developing a diverse, interdisciplinary workforce of allied health care practitioners, educators, researchers, and leaders in the field of healthcare.

NIU offers Graduate and postgraduate degrees in a variety of fields, including physiotherapy, medical lab technology, renal dialysis technology, radiology and imaging technology, intensive care unit, and many others. It was established in 2011 to prepare student nurses for professional nursing practices in a range of contexts, the nursing school was established. The nursing school currently provides graduate nursing, general nursing, midwifery, auxiliary nursing, diploma courses, and clinical nurse assistant.

Modern-day Facilities & Placement Opportunities A super specialty hospital with 400+ beds and all necessary medical equipment is located at NIIMS. Additionally, the NIIMS Hospital offers CT scan services, five intensive care units, and a 24-hour emergency department. There are currently 22 departments and state-of-the-art labs at NIIMS Medical College, including skill labs, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, community medicine, phar-macology, microbiology, forensic medicine, histology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, dentistry, electrotherapy, and biochemistry. For the student's overall growth, NIIMS pro-vides a large infrastructure on campus, including a gym, a cricket, and football playground, basketball and badminton courts, and cafeterias.

NIIMS offers students amazing potential pathways. NIIMS has a partnership with Escorts Hospital, Jaypee, and Fortis. Incomparable global opportunities are provided by
NIIMS, including support for international internships and projects as well as student exchange opportunities at the best universities in the world. International universities like Fort Hays State University in the United States, Bukhara State Medical Institute in Uzbekistan, Ministry of Culture in the People's Republic of China, Pavlodar State Pedagogical University in Kazakhstan, Tbilisi Open Uni-versity in Georgia, and Yaroslav-The-Wise Novgorod State University in Russia are among those that collaborate on academic projects with it.

The Future PlanNIIMS as an institution believes in running attuned to the ever-changing industry scenario. NIIMS does not shy away from making heavy investment inroads in the knowledge field along with creating infrastructural developments to ensure that the faculties and students function in a breeding environment that helps them to focus their energies on the common cause of learning to cure and changing the lives of people who they will be treated in the future. The new structure boasts modern classrooms with AV technologies and modern state-of-the-art labs which provide every indi-vidual student with their own space to learn, experiment and gain insights.

"NIIMS as an institution believes in running attuned to the ever-changing industry scenario"

Dr. Devesh Kumar Singh,Chairman
Dr. Devesh Kumar Singh is the Chairman of Noida International University and Noida International Institute of Medical Sciences. He completed his high-school education in 2008. Being a star athlete all throughout his school years. He decided to take his passion forward by pursuing a degree in medicine from Bharati Vidyapeeth University. In 2013, he successfully completed his doctorate and decided to join his family's business by taking the reins of Noida International University.

Under his able leadership, Noida International University has grown into an ecosystem of providing quality education for all. He works tirelessly to pursue his belief to upgrade and improve the standard of living for his fellow youth and countrymen. His persistent drive that children should and must get the right to equal education and healthcare - in order to become responsible leaders of tomorrow.
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