Dr. Devesh Kumar Singh,,Chairman n this globalized world, lead-
ers must learn to harness the
power of today’s business drivers:
innovation and above all else, the leadership. Located in one of the most promising economic district of the country
and situated in NCR Delhi, the Noida International University (NIU) understands
these drivers better than anyone in the
industry and helps its students to influence positive changes in the organizations that they would work after
their graduation from NIU. “We recognize
that the business world is evolving
before our eyes and in order to survive
and thrive in this tim of rapid change,
organizations must be fast, flexible and adaptive,” says Dr. Devesh Kumar Singh,
Chairman, Noida International University.

To excel in its mission, NIU
has established the Corporate Resource
Centre (CRC), which is unique concept and
one of its kinds in the higher education
scenario of India. The CRC brings together
the industry and academia close to each other and provides need based education and organizational support. Hence, industry networking has become one of the
major strengths of NIU. “At NIU, apart from providing a strong foundation to
individuals, we also give them the opportunity to pursue their
career in one of the sought after corporate houses in the industry,”
claims Dr. Devesh. While, NIU makes it easy for students who are starting out to
meet professionals from the indus-
try, through the University’s industry
networking, students can make valuable
professional connections that can lead
to better employment opportunities in
the immediate and distant future. The
university also hosts a good number of
international students who come from
25 different countries and NIU makes
students from abroad feel right at home.
At present, The University offers under-
graduate, graduate and postgraduate de-
grees in Science Studies, Engineering,
Business Management, Health Sciences,
Architecture, Law Studies, Journalism,
Nursing, Fine Arts, Liberal Arts and
Physical Education
 University of the year 2016