Dr. Anand Jacob Verghese,,CEO Commercial Pilot License Program has taken a leap recently among various professional programs available, not because there exist a group of people with interest in aviation alone but it is a promising career in near future.
Orient Flights Aviation Academy, a flying academy situated in Mysore being a pioneer is a distinct institute in aviation training in the region facilitates the best mentors and facilities addressing the future prospects of aviation industry.

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) plans to revive and operationalize around 50 airports in India over the next 10 years to improve regional and remote air connectivity. Thus, along with airlines many charter divisions will start up for the aviation boom which will create a demand for PPL and CPL holders in India. So, in order to meet the demand, flying schools are playing a key role in doing so. Orient trains 20 students pan India every year and has already alumnus placed in various airlines such as Indigo, Air India, Spicejet, Bluedart, GoAir and many other commercial organizations with an average initial emolument of Rs. 2 lakh p.a.
Embarked with a modern and versatile fleet of 12 aircrafts, Orient has 3 Cessna 172’s one of them being Cessna 172R Skyhawk for training students on single engine
aircraft, Piper Seneca and King Air C90 both being multi engine aircraft among them. “Since the inception in 1994, we have a wonderful team of technical experts for whom we can ensure quality training which differentiates us from the rest,” shares Pinky Agarwal, Manager/PR Admission, Orient Flights Aviation Academy.
Pilot Orientation Program- a three month program which is a course that introduces flying and helps deciding whether a student should take up the same as a professional private or commercial pilot, Private Pilot License Program- a six month program basically for hobby flying and the third is Commercial Pilot License Program- a detailed 18 month program which includes 200 hours of flying and theory exams.

As the academy claims to be one of the best in the country in enabling CPL program also delivers a dynamic way of instilling knowledge and skills into the students. The training starts with theory and then follows the flying simulator. Initially students are made to practice in this simulator before flying a real aircraft. The flying simulator is an ALSIM AL 50 which is the first one in the country, and is being approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in India for imparting basic and advanced training on instrument approach procedures, simulated emergency procedures and many more.
The reason behind the use of AL 50 as a simulator is that it is provided with generic flight models which replicate aircraft such as the Piper PA-38 Tomahawk, Robin DR400 2+2 Dauphin, HR200, Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Cessna 182, M20J, and Socata Trinidad which proves to be an ideal ab-initio flight trainer for aspiring pilots. The cockpit represents a single pilot cockpit and features the characteristics of a single piston engine aeroplane. The instructor’s station next to the cockpit enables the instructor to conduct simulations with multiple software menus. A student is displayed and positioned the aircraft in flight, control weather conditions, simulate breakdowns and access pre-programmed flight sequences. A student training on a simulator prior to actual flight training is more comfortable in the cockpit and also develops confidence and interest which ultimately increase the rate of success. Orient Flights has also acquired a Fligh Trix Simulator which will be used by the students to practice their flying and instruments let-downs and sharpen their skills.Thereafter, the real flying occurs which constitutes 200 hours of flying providing real life experience to a learning pilot. Taking pride as the best ground school in India, Pinky explains that although there is a certain duration held for the course yet the course has no time limit until a student captures all theknowledge required by the industry and is completely fit for flying independently. A student during the training is provided with the best of facilities in the form of a well stocked library, classroom, transportation and hostel facilities to let make them concentrate only on the course with a good amount of dedication and committment

Aviation has always been a competitive industry. Among the various professions that it offers, being a pilot is the most challenging one. Not only does it demand a strong personality in terms of physical and mental abilities but is also an expensive course. However, these elements do not make it a less pursued subject for a profession but instead has been developing a craze amongst youth as the returns are equally high and considering the downfall of engineering as a choice of subject in due course aviation will be the next professional boom and upcoming employment opportunities.
Training Provider of the Year 2016