Ar K B Mohapatra,Founder & Chairman

Ar K B Mohapatra

Founder & Chairman

Ar Mohana Das, an alumna of the 2016 batch of Piloo Mody College of Architecture (PMCA) explains her alma mater as an amazing institution and one of the finest places to study architecture in the Eastern Zone of India. In her words, “The Institute is a perfect combination of fun and learning together with great faculty members.” Like Mohana, a number of young Architects who have graduatedfrom this Institution have been thankful for the knowledge and training that they have gained from PMCA. PMCA was conceived in the year 1993 as a dream project of its Founder & Chairman, Ar K B Mohapatra, a veteran alumnus of the J J School of Arts, Mumbai. “Architecture as a stream of education requires the development of original thinking and individual thoughts on design elements as opposed to a pre-decided process and memory based approach.

Our methodology focuses on Hands on Workshops, Site visits and Case Study Presentations, complimenting the time tested and traditional approaches in curriculum design,” mentions Payal Mohapatro, Director Academic, PMCA.

The college strives to impart quality education through an interactive teaching learning process in a creative environment. Architecture at PMCA is a passion, a vocation and a calling to youngsters to design spaces that provide, in the words of Marcus Vitruvius, the great Roman architect and historian, “Firmness, commodity and delight”. PMCA regularly organizes international educational tours to countries like UK, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bhutan and so on. To familiarize students with global Architecture and construction practices.

The college is a Ph.D Coursework Centre under the BPUT, Odisha. The institute has a number of training collaborations with DA, New Delhi, UDRC, New Delhi, SPARC, Mumbai and ASF, Sweden for Capacity Building initiatives in Sustainability and Low Carbon Construction. PMCA is working to emerge as a Centre of Excellence for Vernacular Architecture, Documentation and Research in the eastern part of the country and is engaged in setting up a Smart City simulation lab to demonstrate Smart City Design principles.

Today, PMCA has blossomed into Institute of National recognition under the mentorship of its Chairman, Ar
Mohapatra and the able guidance of Er Satyadarshi Mishra, Head Governing Board, ABIT-PMCA Trust. Satyadarshi is an IT Professional and Management expert and has been playing a crucial role in leading the institute towards excellence.
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