Mahesh Sriram,Founder

Mahesh Sriram


Mahesh Sriram, an international actor, model and an entrepreneur, is the face of some of the biggest global brands like Verizon, Dell International, Home Depot, GMC, Hewlett-Packard and many more. A self-made man, Mahesh has worked his way up the ladder in the modelling industry and gained extensive experience in international projects. An MBA holder, Mahesh is also a professional animator/multimedia specialist who has worked on Hollywood and Bollywood projects. Using his 20+ year of experience, Mahesh started his own animation company in the U.S, Pixels Multimedia LLC. " I understood the shortfalls of the animation industry in India and to bridge the gap and to link the next generation animators with Hollywood's finest in the animation, gaming and VFX industry, Pixels Academy was formed to provide them with an exposure to cutting-edge technology and unparalleled creativity," opines Mahesh.

Pixels Academy's vision aims to bridge the gap between Hyderabad and Hollywood, and Indian students and the international industry, through innovation and collaboration. "We are the first authorized training centre in India for Toon Boom Animation, where teachers and industry experts empower pupils with the job-ready and lifelong learning skills to become effective innovators, communicators and leaders within the creative economy."
Pixel Academy is also the first authorized testing Center for Certiport in India for Toon Boom courses. The certification exam is a global certification program for animation professionals working with Toon Boom and other products worldwide. With more than 18 years of global experience in the industry, Pixels Management takes pride in their strategic developmental programs that are created in association with reputed International organizations, to provide the best educational experience conducive to the holistic development of their students, both artistically and professionally. "We offer the possibility of learning directly from the finest professionals in Hollywood, known to be the destination and hub of great animation, the likes of who have worked on diverse animation blockbusters including Rango, Transformers, Rise of the Guardians, Madagascar 3, The Legend of Secret Pass, to name a few," explains Mahesh. National and International faculty at the Pixel Academy have been teaching the new generation of animators all over the world by sharing their wisdom and mentoring them, helping them to bring their animation skills to the next level.

"Pixels Academy's vision aims to bridge the gap between Hyderabad and Hollywood, and Indian students and the international industry, through innovation and collaboration"

"Our teaching methodologies are based on Hybrid, or blended style. We follow an integrated approach to teaching that blends the teacher's personality and interests with students' needs and curriculum-appropriate methods," says Mahesh. The academy differentiates itself by focusing on small student-to-teacher ratios, with only 10 pupils per class, ensuring each gets the attention they need. Mahesh adds, "Every faculty has her or his own style of teaching. Our low student-to-teacher
ratio helps us to focus on each student's individual needs."

Since 2015, Pixel Academy is operating from Hyderabad, the booming technological and political capital of India's Telangana state. There, Mahash and his expert team have developed state-of-the-art training and facilities to equip students for careers in animation, visual effects and gaming. "As we look ahead, the next few years are poised to be even more exciting. We will strive on building a strong curriculum and introduce animation as a structured course hence becoming a benchmark in the industry," concludes Mahesh.
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