Prof. Sudipta Sarkar, Principal, Kishor Suryawanshi International School, Nashik

By Prof. Sudipta Sarkar, Principal
Prof. Sudipta Sarkar,Principal Been in the teaching profession for last 22 years, Prof. Sudipta Sarkar is an expert when it comes to improving the students' performances and helping them to prepare for life-long situations. She has degrees like M.Sc. in Zoology, M.Phil in Zoology and Education, M.Ed and is a PhD holder. Sitting at the helm of raising the upcoming citizen of the country, Prof. Sarkar, Principal at Kishor Suryawanshi International School (KSIS), is such a leader in the education arena who is worth recognizing. For her flawless contribution towards the school, she has been appreciated by awarding the status of 'Efficient and Energetic Principal' and also referred as the Captain of the Ship. The students of KSIS receive education under the competent supervision of Prof. Sarkar who makes sure to enrich the ambience of the school and develop it into a place of excitement, energy, and direction.

Sailing to the Shores of Success
Women are enjoying the impact of globalization like never before and making an influence not only on domestic but also on international sphere. Among the varied roles women are leading in the modern day that of an educator is one of the toughest. "A Principal has the task of tirelessly keeping the school focused on what students should know and be able to do and to what extent. Only because I have been given the administrative position, this doesn't mean that I am merely meant to pass orders, it's all about participating equally in the process," opines Prof. Sarkar. She treats her team of teachers very cordially and provides timely suggestions regarding teaching methodologies
and techniques based on her experiences.

"An inspiring teacher can turn an average student into an overachiever and push a gifted student beyond the highest expectations" - Prof. Sudipta Sarkar

"The sensitivity of the position and the responsibilities attached to it is not hidden from me. I always keep an eye on each student progress and guide them consistently during their journey at the school," says Prof. Sarkar. Located 10 km north of the historic and religious city of Nashik, KSIS was initiated to realize the vision and aspirations of Late Shri Kishor Suryawanshi of building a school with a difference. The school nurtures the holistic development of the students and motivates them to dream. On this account, the teachers assist them to have the vision, the courage, and the perseverance to succeed in whatever they choose.

The 25 acres sprawling campus of the school has been set up amidst the natural beauty and salubrious climate of the Sahyadri Hills with state-of-the-art facilities created for the productive utilization by the children. Prof. Sarkar states, "Our curriculum is beyond academics. We believe academic is not enough to make a child successful in the contemporary world, given this, we have embraced an approach that is all round." The campus is equipped with laboratories, variety of clubs, cafeteria, hostels, spacious classrooms and so on for smooth functioning of curricular and co-curricular activities. "We have made all hobbies and games compulsory for the students in the first three years and for the rest of their stay, they are free to choose a hobby and a game," explains Prof. Sarkar.

Along with games and hobbies, the dedicated and qualified team of teachers at KSIS lays substantial emphasis on intensifying the academic part of the students by providing individual focus on every student. The school also duly identifies the potentials and latent skills of the child. Prof. Sarkar
mentions, "We have a system of counseling where the young ones are provided a mother figure and the senior is guided by academic and career decisions. All of them are rendered advice on emotional and physical growth." Affiliated to CBSE, KSIS is dedicated to preparing students for the All India Secondary and Senior Secondary Examinations. The students of KSIS are trained in a manner where they become morally upright, intellectually alert, sensitive to the need of others and achievement oriented.

Another approach that the school abides by is the design thinking process to learning that includes considering real-world problems, research, analysis, conceiving original ideas, lots of experimentation, and sometimes building things by hand. This approach helps the students to be able to face the challenges of life by acquiring self-confidence and a sense of positivity. "All the activities in the school are conjoined efforts of all the members of KSIS. Hence, considering the unbeaten dedication of our teaching staff, we conduct fun training sessions aiming to enable them use technologies and other new approaches to teaching," shares Prof. Sarkar. Demonstrating and maintaining a quality in education over the years, the school further aspires to organize centers to uplift masses and help in their sound welfare primarily for the Christian Community and then for all communities, castes, and religions.

Her Favorites
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Author: Kabi Guru Rabindranath Tagore, Shakespeare

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Favorite Leader in Education: Swami Vivekananda

Favorite Holiday Destination: SWITZERLAND

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