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By M. Veerababu, Founder
M. Veerababu,Founder

M. Veerababu


Today, the Airline industry has not just transformed the way we travel but has shrunk the world into a few hours. Particularly, in India, the aviation industry is booming and is expected to keep thriving in the near future as well. However owing to the fact that this industry is changing fast with the advent of cut-throat technologies, the workforce is also required to be amply skilled to cope up with these changes. Notably, Sacca Institute of Freight & Tourism is considered as one of the few training providers that are successfully catering to the dynamic demands of the industry. "The digital revolution in the airline industry has just begun and we at Sacca Institute of Freight & Tourism are dedicated to ensuring that the younger generations with a dream attached to this industry, can easily access successful and flourishing careers,” says M. Veerababu, Founder, Sacca Institute of Freight & Tourism.

Being referred as one of the most eminent institutes in the country offering Education, Training, Research, and Consultancy in the sustainable management of Cargo, Aviation, Tourism, Travel, and other allied sectors, Sacca Institute of Freight & Tourism over the years have been endowed with a range of laurels and awards. Felicitated with esteemed awards from organizations like Airport Authority of India (SEWA)- Chennai for giving free and awakening the students, Robotic and Automation – Delhi for implementing technology in Aviation Studies and Viruchi Technology – Chennai for Robotic Initiative in Tourism & Aviation, the institute enjoys a recognizable preference among the young students when it comes to obtaining quality aviation training. The institute conducts a wide range of short-term and long-term courses such as Aviation, Tourism, and Air
Cargo Courses along with technical and Fine Arts culture.

Veerababu shares, “We are known in the industry for churning out future-ready professionals who are equipped with essential skills. From providing training in offline GPS Operation while flying to a tracking system for missed baggage and Sensor the loss of baggage to alarm for the sick passenger on aircraft, to name a few, we acknowledge modern aviation training in our institute.” The institute ardently believes in extending a curriculum that is not only updated but also is unique. “Each of our courses is strategically designed by imbibing the technological and robotic perspectives that are emerging in the industry,” adds Veerababu. Given which, the institute has merged STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) syllabus along with aviation, tourism, and cargo, making each of the students an asset to the industry.

"Sacca Institute of Freight & Tourism is considered as one of the few training providers that are successfully catering to the dynamic demands of the industry"

360 Degree Development
Instituted across various states of India like Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala and Andman based on Chennai, Sacca Institute of Freight & Tourism boasts on a very cordial relationship with the industry. Veerababu pinpoints, “As we put a sizeable focus on rendering maximum practical training to our students, the teaching and learning process goes beyond the classroom at Sacca by involving more and more industry experts who share their valuable experience with the students regularly.” The institute has collaborated with Viruchi Technologies (Associate -The International Robotic Specialist Mr
AnbuKennith Raj) as a technology partner. “Sacca Institute of Freight & Tourism along with Viruchi technologies is currently working relentlessly on developing the robust R&D aspects,” adds Veerababu. Trained over 70 batches (includes International students)with perfect placement, Joint venture with Sathyabama University, Chennai providing the in-campus training along with
internship in International Airport (Cargo & Passenger Terminal), Freight Forwarders – In HouseTraining (IATA Cargo & DGR), and supporting companies to coordinate IATA for licensing, the institute is supported by a team of proficient and highly experienced faculty members who are resolute to prepare the future aviation professionals in the most effective manner.

Veerababu opines, “Through our ‘Train the Trainer' and ‘Smart Way' programme, we make sure that our students' futures are in the right hands as these programmes greatly help in intensifying the knowledge base of our faculty members and keep them agile.” From day one only, the students at Sacca Institute of Freight & Tourism are trained rigorously to meet the vast criteria of the recruiters. The institute takes the effort of letting the students undergo internships for a definite period in different Airports, Airline companies, tourism departments, cargo companies' robotic R & D Research centre and so on. The students of Sacca are also enlightened by Fine arts and Cinematic Art Director on varied factors followed by gaining cultural skills.

On the other hand, as the institute aspires to provide its students the
capability of serving globally, it conducts communication classes that are targeted to enhance their soft skill, which in the modern times is viewed as one of the most important skills for landing up a decent job. Veerababu says, “India is ranked 9th in the world aviation market and is all set to become 1st by 2035 according to reports of Oxford Economics, IATA, FICCI, DGCA, AAI with generating 3,90,000 direct and 5,70,000 indirect aviation jobs. In this scenario, we assume that being a training provider; it's our responsibility to fuel the industry with competent employees and entrepreneurs. We envision enabling the students from rural zone to accommodate the world's 9 percent aviation employment rate.” With an assurance of cent per cent placement to its students, the institute prides on a strong alumni strength that works in organizations such as Srilankan Airways, Air Malindo, Indigo, SpiceJet, Kuwait Airways, Jason Shipping Service Pvt Ltd, Ritz Carlton, just to name a few.