Edwin C. Bliss, author of the book titled ‘Getting Things Done’ has wisely said, ‘Success does not mean the absence of failures. It means the attainment of ultimate objectives. It means winning the war, not every battle.’ Around the globe, many achievers have believed and valued this quote, making it an integral part of their life philosophy. One ardent follower is Dr. R. A. Heredia, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Board of Governors, Sheila Raheja School of Business Management and Research (SRBS). He affirms that SRBS, which is at the fountain-head of knowledge, enjoys an enviable reputation as a seat of learning. Focusing on SRBS’s passion for performance, Dr. Heredia testifies, “Success is a judicious blend of HARD WORK and TEAM WORK of all its stakeholders.
To transform bright minds into dynamic professionals, SRBS galvanizes students into action with the stimulating words: “Your next move is the best move” and the eye- catching moniker: HEAD to LEAD.

Established upon a tradition of excellence, Sheila Raheja School of Business Management and Research (SRBS) is a one-of-its-kind B-School in the heart of Mumbai’s, Bandra. Along with the prescribed curriculum, SRBS endeavors to shape and sharpen the skill-sets and leadership traits of students to make them industry-ready. Addressing to the pain points of the education sector, Dr. Heredia emphasizes on the urgent need to streamline education policies, practices and procedures for the purpose of imparting quality education. He states, “A tug-of-war between theoretical knowledge and practical skills has always been prevalent in the Indian education system. In the entire gamut, from policy makers to the actual recipients of knowledge need to fine-tune their attitude and aptitude.”
SRBS complements the curriculum for the MMS program that has been provided by the University of Mumbai through various facets of the learning methodologies. ‘YOUnique’, a term used for every student who is above average, is specially taken care of with emphasis on perception of the curriculum. The SRBS’s Raheja Excellence Centre and its remedial teaching, work on enriching the mind-sets and skill-sets of students through multi-disciplinary and cross faculty approaches.

Dr. Heredia adds, “As a plan, which is executed for students’ training, there is an urgent need to match the student-profile with the job–profile. At SRBS, students are tutored and trained to utilize their knowledge and translate it into action.” Dr. Heredia asserts, “Passion becomes aspiration, aspiration becomes innovation, innovation becomes excellence, and excellence becomes rewards,” in the cycle of success. He further opines, “Unless one ideates, innovates and initiates, one will never be successful. Students must begin with a good idea, in order to move towards innovation or else the whole chain from passion to rewards will be meaningless. Students must ensure that they enhance performance and emerge as live-wire achievers.” SRBS has an enviable placement record, enjoying the attention of business giants during their placement drives at the campus. Organizations such as GlobeOp, Nomura, 99acres.com, ICICI Bank, Dr. R. A. Heredia,Chief Executive Officer & Chairman, Board of Governors

Dr. R. A. Heredia

Chief Executive Officer & Chairman, Board of Governors

Yes Bank are few of the many Corporates that visit the SRBS campus for placements and offer lucrative annual emoluments paving the way for learners to become leaders - from CLASSROOM to BOARDROOM.

In the near future, SRBS - a unique B-School with one unique program - seeks to be one of the best sought after B-Schools in the sphere of Management Studies among students in the country. By creating new frontiers of knowledge, developing entrepreneurial skills and promoting research activities, SRBS ensures that students become innovative leader-managers. Dr. Heredia says, “Research is the sine qua non of education. Bearing in mind the tagline of SRBS ‘Managing the Future’, research becomes an integral part of our B-School.” The institute involves more academicians in research,publishes short articles on research-oriented topics and conducts field research to complement the learning process. “An education without research yields no learning,”Dr. Heredia adds. Both faculty members and students are deeply involved in research work and in every semester, a compendium of research papers by faculty is compiled for future batches to refer. A noted educationist and a game changer with innovative thoughts and philosophies, Dr. Heredia believes that it needs exceptional will and skill to fortify one’s caliber and competence and feels that the road to success, which is always under construction, to use Dilbert’s one-liner, encourages SRBS to achieve its set goals. As the global business scenario gets increasingly complex and dynamic, SRBS prepares students to manage and lead in such dynamic business situations by providing a diverse and challenging learning environment. Truly at SRBS, INTELLIGENCE meets with EXCELLENCE.
Management College of the year- 2016