Shobhit University: Advocating Research-Oriented Education

By Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra, Chancellor
Shobhit University: Advocating Research-Oriented Education
Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra,Chancellor Conferred the 'National Education Excellence Award 2017-Best University for Promoting Industry-Academia Interface' by ASSOCHAM, Shobhit University is a research-intensive, multi-disciplinary University that values high-quality teaching in an environment of globally competitive, high-end research. Being at the apex of the educational pyramid, the university lays exceptional emphasis on producing professionals with high caliber and capabilities,and contributes to various research initiatives through innovative young minds.

Shobhit University’s curriculum focuses on robust research activities and industry exposure, which in turn heighten holistic development of the learners. Given this, apart from classroom teaching, a number of national and international levels of workshops, conferences and brainstorming sessions by experts from academia, research organizations and Industry are also embodied in the curriculum. Being a research-intensive institution, Shobhit University has joined hands with a number of universities and research organizations for collaboration in research. There are several research projects, which the university is working on presently, viz. Data Mining Technique in Agriculture, Neuro-Protective Effect of Herbal Medicine and so on.

Owing to these efforts, the University has been ranked 1st in Research Productivity among Private Universities based on Citation/Paper. Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra, Chancellor, Shobhit University, says, "Indian Universities is a prerequisite of a transformational change to become relevant in the context of global rankings of educational institutions. We think this is the right time to rewrite the history of education with substantial research activities coupled with practical learning. "Students aspiring to get into Shobhit University get a range of
choices to choose diverse courses from existing 10 schools offered by the university. The schools are; School of Engineering & Technology, School of Business Studies, School of Law & Constitutional Studies, School of Biological Engineering, School of Pharmacy, School of Ayurveda, School of Naturopathy& Yogic Science, School of Basic & Applied Sciences, School of Humanities & Arts and School of Education.

"A NAAC Accredited Deemed to-be University, Shobhit University boasts to own a 12.5 acre of campus rendering residential facilities for both students and faculty members"

To promote training and extension in various faculties of the programme,the university has established special centres like Centre for Law and Good Governance, Centre for Grassroots Informatics, Development,Centre for Informatics and Standards, just to name a few. The university also provides students with the flexibility of choosing distance learning, recognizing the growing demand for online education.

A NAAC Accredited Deemed-to-be University, Shobhit University boasts to own a 12.5 acre of campus rendering residential facilities for both students and faculty members. The campus has all required equipment installed including 52 avant-garde laboratories for students. The university's central library further helps in upgrading knowledge of the students by containing over 50,000 books of different titles and by being connected to other national libraries. Encompassing all the facilities, staying on the campus becomes a lifelong and treasured experience for the students.

Eliminating Career Limitations
Known for upholding an excellent Industry-Academia Interface, the university has signed 27 MoUs with many national and international universities and research organization. "Along with research, our students are equally involved in hands-on training, which makes them the most eligible candidates in the job market,"claims Vijendra. The unique initiation by the university, 'Young Engineers Internship Program' enables budding engineers to get exposure to the industry through one -semester Internship program. "This programme is
exclusively composed for our final semester students aiming to grant first hand insights on nuances of job life," adds Vijendra.

Furthermore, the latest venture in this direction,'Dinner with the CEOs' facilitates five students to go out for Dinner with CEOs and have a productive interaction. On the flipside, intending to flourishing entrepreneurial skills among the promising technocrats, the university has established Shobhit Institute of Engineering & Technology Business Incubator(SUBI).

"As we are committed towards 360- degree growth of our students, we are leaving no stones unturned in making sure of the development of aspirants enrolling to our university," shares Vijendra. Sharpening the skills of the students, the International Skills Development Centre(ISDC)existing in the campus abides by to provide whole some and market- driven quality employable skills.

The journey of the students to the corporate is hence made steady with the comprehensive form of education granted by the faculty members in the universities. "With our associations, we have created a smooth bridge between our university and the industry which completely abolishes the dearth of placement," claims Vijendra. Last academic year,78 organizations like Mantac, HCL Technologies, Sarman Foods, HDFC and so on participated in the placement drive of the university offering package ranging from 1.8lakhs to3.6 lakhs. Being a player of long run, the university aims to turn into a global destination for researchers and emerge as a preferred strategic partner for academia, industry and research organizations.

Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra, Chancellor
Co-Founder and Chancellor of Shobhit University, Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra is a prominent social entrepreneur based in New Delhi, who carries leadership roles in many organizations. For the last28 years, he has been instrumental in the development of a number of educational, social and health organizations. He is a persistent advocate of the initiatives for education for the poor, secular values, crisis management through diplomatic and peaceful ways, and globalized systems of learning and peaceful co-existence.
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