SNES Institute of Management Studies and Research

By Dr. K. N. Kamalasanan, Director
Dr. K. N. Kamalasanan,Director Established In 1977, Sree Narayana Education Society (S.N.E.S) has disseminated knowledge and wisdom to over 28000 students by founding six institutions under its flagship. Being a Non-Profit Service Organization, all the members of the society are highly devoted to the cause of education and social advancement, making the education affordable to those who are economically backward. Initiated by Sree Narayana Education Society, SNES Institute of Management Studies and Research (SNES IMSAR) stands steadily upon its philosophy - Education is Life. Located in the Calicut district of Kerala, the geographical location of the institution benefits the students and the teachers alike, as they can stay connected with some of the premier institutions in the country including IIM Kozhikode, NIT Calicut and many more.

“We are keen to optimize the employability growth of the nation by aiding the students with a researchdriven education they are striving to receive,” says Dr. K. N. Kamalasanan, Director, SNES IMSAR. Given to the necessity of finding answers to numerous questions in management, the institute publishes a peer refereed research journal ‘SNES Jomar (SNES Global Journal of Management Studies and Research).

“The primary objective of research activities is to promote pure knowledge in spite of parrot learning,” adds Dr. Kamalasanan. The faculty members of the institution are tremendously self-motivated to embrace research projects and convey their wisdom to the students. Maximum number of teachers either have completed their PhD or are on their route to pursue the same.

All the faculty members are members of the National Digital Library Portal, which sustain their appetite of reading more and stay updated with the trends of the industry. “We are very much focused to integrate seminars, workshops and conferences for the betterment of the teachers, which in return will enhance the students’ sanity in a great manner,” shares Dr. Kamalasanan. In order to initiate a business strategy from scratch, one needs to withstand a plenty of research activities and understand the complex entrepreneurship issues.

Many institutions worldwide have already included courses like ‘Research in Entrepreneurship’, proving the interrelation between Research and Entrepreneurship. SNES IMSAR accordingly asks the faculty members to actively perform interviews, discussions, and consultation in order to identify the entrepreneurship enthusiast and assisting them to prepare their business proposals. The proposals, which are prepared by the students after rigorous research in their interest area, are later referred to the members of the Management Board who are noted business persons and industrialists. Consequently, if the proposals forwarded by the students are ample to captivate the attention of the Management, their proposals get approved by those members and are often offered funds. In fact, representatives of the banks and financial institutions are as well invited to the campus and the interaction between them and the students are organized by the institution.

A Hub of Possibilities
The two-year MBA course offered by the institution includes a gratifying blend of theory and practical teaching. “To cope with the shrinking job market, a management students should be well versed both in theoretical and practical knowledge. A slight of inefficiency can snatch out a decent job from an aspiring student,” opines Dr. Kamalasanan. SNES IMSAR advocates modern methods of teaching like case analysis, games, role-plays, industrial visits and group activities, which further instill team spirit in the student. The institute also has a state-of-the-art infrastructure including a well-equipped fully air-conditioned computer laboratory to cater to the needs of the MBA students. “We have a well-stocked library with a variety of books and journals of international repute to cater to the needs of our MBA students. Regular efforts are made to inculcate reading habits in our students,” adds Dr. Kamalasanan. In addition to that, Calicut being a pivotal business destination in the state of Kerala, the institute has been able to attract well-known personalities from the industry to visit the campus for sharing their experience with the students. SNES IMSAR has also collaborated with business enterprises like Mathrubhumi Daily, Milma, Bridgeway Motors, ULCCS and so on to ensure the availability of prolific experience the students gain while interacting with the professionals of the market. “At the end of the course, our students turn out as the skillful pool of the workforce through frequent visits to the industry combined with in-depth research studies, which are quite proved by the placement rate we authenticate each year,” mentions Kamalasanan. The students of SNES IMSAR relish placements in some of the ace companies around the country like Mercedes Benz, BISMI Hyper Market, Axis Bank, HDFC and many more to name a few. An economy, where bearing the soaring course fee of Bschools are standing as a hurdle for the aspirants, SNES IMSAR being a Non-Profit Service Organization is unequivocally providing quality education and employability in affordable expense.

Management College of the Year 2017