D Prof. K.K. Ahuja,,Academic Advisor & Vice Chair of Academic Senate

D Prof. K.K. Ahuja,

Academic Advisor & Vice Chair of Academic Senate

In the wake of modernization and economic growth, the Indian leaders have unfortunately forgotten the ethics of work culture. The result is apparent thorough the fact that in spite of organizations coming up with innovative business models and creating best practices, there are barriers likes corporate frauds and bankruptcy, which is haunting the business world. Realizing this truth, Sri Shankara Vidya Kendra, Delhi established Sri Sharada Institute of Indian Management-Research (Sri SIIM). The institution aims to guide the human race towards appropriate holistic growth and development. “There should be a harmony between private and public benefits, ensuring individuals to lead an enriched quality of life together with worldly achievements,” says Prof. K.K. Ahuja, Academic Advisor & Vice Chair of Academic Senate, Sri Sharada Institute of Indian Management-Research.
The institution relentlessly serves to provide value and ethics based management education, providing concession in the tuition fees to the minority sector. Anyhow, providing Indian indigenous management techniques do not mean that the institution is lagging behind or not matching the pace with the modern education culture. Following the ethos simply acts as an added ingredient in the curriculum of the institution, which makes it a distinct B-school. The teaching process adopted by the institution includes everything right from indulging students in a series of industrial visits to polishing the knowledge
base of the students. “We do not leave anything which falls under the spectrum of education. Students at Sri SIIM are expected to grow as an individual, who can respond to any kind of situation of life,”shares Ahuja.Offering courses like PGDM (2 years), PG Certificate in Management –Retail Management (1 year) and Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management (15 months), the annual intake of the institution is 120 students. The students are also encouraged to undertake a two-month summer internship, which is a part of the course curriculum and renders practical exposure of the corporate world. The curriculum at Sri SIIM is certified by Dun & Bradstreet, USA.
Preparing Professionals to Face the Dynamic
Business Environment Research in management studies assists the students to ‘knowing how’ rather than ‘knowing what’. Research plays a crucial role in the development of management theories and practices. Given that, Sri SIIM has installed the International Research Journal of Indian Ethos and Wisdom for Management –“The Vivek Management”. It is a quarterly newsletter of SRI SIIM, which the institution publishes. The research works of the faculty members are published under the name of ‘Abhinava Prabandhan’, ushering the aim of creating a more sustainable model of management. Along with research activities, the institution incorporates Daily Morning Sadhna Session, Entrepreneurship/Business project, Case methodology, quiz tests, individual and group brainstorming and so on to ensure the overall growth of the students. In this era of start-ups when many enthusiasts are interested in being an employer rather than an employee, the institution has set up Centre for Social Responsibility (CSR) viz “UTTARAN” ( word is to be checked Sir )which offers the budding entrepreneurs different projects related to the betterment of the mankind and the society. These projects further help the students to gain business knowledge and an understanding of its
challenges. “During the entire process of injecting this practical and theoretical knowledge into the students, the faculty members, who are having an average experience of 15 years ( rich experience in educational & industrial domains) put their cent percent in accomplishing the goals set by the institution for its students,” claims Ahuja.
Supporting to Climb the Ladder of Success
One of the elements of B-schools’ brand building is industry interface, which reflects on academic capital of schools. “Sri SIIM holds the idea that if an institution has a strong base of placement partners and the students possess the right skills, there is a guarantee to get the deserved result,” opines Ahuja. The institution is associated with the internationally acclaimed organizations such as the University of Bridgeport, Association of MBA Schools in the USA, Otherways Management Consulting, Paris, just to name a few. Besides this, the institution has also signed a MoU with AIESEC to assist student’s smooth internship and placements in MNCs. Today, the students of Sri SIIM are spread over the entire country placed in organizations like Wipro Technologies, Mahindra and Mahindra, Standard Chartered Bank, Pearson, EY and so on. “Over the years, we have bagged a reputation where the students do not face the dearth of jobs. Indeed, they are bestowed with ample job opportunities during the campus placement,” says Ahuja. In the scenario where the business leaders emphasize on “profit” as the sole motive of any business and consequently fails due to wrong decisions or on unethical grounds, Sri SIIM is going out of the box and inclining its students towards adapting a more viable management paradigm based on Ancient Indian wisdom.
Management College of the Year 2017