Mamatha T,Director

Mamatha T


"Opportunities are sparse for the untrained professionals as the industry prefers trained professionals who are ready for work rather than hiring freshers and training them," says Mamatha T., Director, Software Training Labs.

Mamatha believes that there is gap between theoretical knowledge of freshers and the industry requirements. To bridge this gap she launched Software Training Labs (STL) with the help of professionals from IT industry with years of experience on quality software Training. The institute began its humble beginnings with trainings on Android, software testing, Java and Informatica, the institute now provides rigorous coaching on SAS, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.
The quality of training in this institute is evident from the cutting edge materials that are created to meet the requirements of industry. When the industry specific courses are mentored by the professionals from the same industry who have an average experience of more than 8 years, it is only natural that the student turns out work-ready. "We are trying to provide an amalgamation of industry exposure from our training staff with our training methodologies," says Mamatha. More than providing theoretical knowledge, the institute is inclined towards giving practical exposure to its student. In addition to regular classroom coaching, the project implementation based training providing students the practical experience on software development cycle. "Projects are part our course and students learn via projects," Mamatha adds.

Mamatha says, "We are trying to provide an amalgamation of industry exposure from our training staff with our training methodologies."
Blending practical knowledge to the theoretical awareness of fresh graduates has generated huge success to the institute from the year of its establishment. As result, they are able to provide 100 percent placement assistance and have more than 70 percent placement result. "People from the industry know that as a quality talent provider we are present and it is helping our students to get placed," Mamatha asserts. The institute is not only helping fresh graduates but they are also giving adequate training to the corporate people from the various industries.

To fulfill staffing needs, the executives of the organization need to reflect on how soon the new recruits will start contributing value to the organization, before it engages its precious internal resources to train these fresh recruits. Keeping this fact in mind the institute is always thriving to produce quality workforce from the raw talents that they are getting from the campus. "We nurture our students in such a way that they will become a productive employee from the very first day of work," Mamatha proudly proclaims, who holds the credit for converting many raw talents to productive candidate.
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