SRH Hochschule Berlin: Optimally Preparing Students For Starting Their Careers And Further Professional Development

By Team SRH Hochschule Berlin
Team SRH Hochschule Berlin Getting a higher education abroad is a great accomplishment and a life-changing experience; one can learn a new language, gain a global-mindset, experience the international standard education and finally, increase global job prospects. While English-speaking countries the UK, the US, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand remain the first preferences for many, there are a lot of other study destinations coming on the forefront now.

Most popular among them is Germany. German universities are well-known for world-class education and cutting-edge research opportunities, offered as part of their Master's programme. Aiming to guide gifted young people in futureoriented courses to qualified and state-recognized degrees, SRH Hochschule Berlin is the fine example of Germany's academic excellence; compared to other popular study destinations and universities with English-taught programmes within the country, SRH Hochschule Berlin par excellence in offering high-quality programmes and affordable tuition fees.

Located in central Berlin, SRH Hochschule Berlin is an international university that is accredited by both the state and the German Council of Science and Humanities. The university is a part of SRH Higher Education Heidelberg, a leading private
educational and healthcare services provider. Within the group, there are 10 universities with more than 12,000 students in total. SRH Hochschule Berlin stands for building above-average career
opportunities for students in the job market, at the same time promoting them in their development into independent, sovereign personalities.

"SRH Hochschule Berlin stands for building above-average career opportunities for students inthe job market, at the same time promoting them in their development into independent, sovereign personalities"

For those who want to study a top-notch management course at affordable tuition fees, SRH Hochschule Berlin University is the right platform. With two branches - Berlin and Dresden, the university offers a wide variety of advanced courses. Study in German or English, choose a focus or focus on an industry; no matter how you choose it, at SRH you will benefit from excellent study conditions, comprehensive services, and many career extras.

The students have the opportunity to choose from a range of Bachelor's, Master's and MBA programmes with different management and technological foci. Further, SRH has developed its own didactic concept CORE (Competence-Oriented Research and Education). All modules are delivered in 5-week blocks and all students work on real industry projects, in teams with deadlines. This way, students work like real managers in real companies and get to strengthen their communication, leadership and intercultural skills.

The most popular programmes of SRH Hochschule Berlin
University are Engineering and IT Master's programmes: M.Eng, Engineering, and International Business - Focus on Renewable Energy, Water and Waste Management; M.Sc. Computer Science Focus on Cyber Security; M.Sc. Computer Science Focus on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Their MBA programmes and M.A. International Management programme attract a lot of international students across the globe, including many Indians. To support the best young minds, SRH Hochschule Berlin has set up a number of meritbased scholarships to new students.

Characterized with outstanding study conditions, exclusive personality development training, and comprehensive services, SRH Hochschule Berlin campus is a composition of teachers and students from over 85 nations, representing different perspectives and intercultural competence and truly believes in the power of internationality. The university's international focus is reflected by the number of English-taught programmes (15), the percentage of international students (52 percent) and the number of nations on the campus (85).

With such diverse and conducive campus environment, the institute strives to add more value to students' academic career and make a contribution in their respective profiles. SRH Hochschule Berlin has its own Career Service Department that organizes regular career workshops and in-house career fairs. As an international university, SRH Hochschule Berlin endeavors to continue their legacy by offering an exciting and futureoriented learning experience and a multifaceted life in one of Europe's most inspiring cities.
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