Sri Sairam College of Engineering


A recent report by a leading assessment organization reveals that over 15, 00,000 engineering students who graduated in 2015 from over 650 colleges, 80 percent of them are still not industry ready and cannot be employed. But on the bright side the 20 percent who are employable seem to be coming from few cities and Bangalore is second among those few cities. Contributing to the number of employable engineers in India is Sairam College of Engineering, founded in 1997 by a visionary educationist and philanthropist, MJF Lion Leo Muthu, Located in Anekal, Bangalore. The institution is known for its exceptional placement figures and producing extremely skilled and talented engineers every year.In the placement drives every session more than 50 companies visit Sairam College and pick the students according to their requirements. Among the number of companies that visit the campus, IBM, Wipro,L&TInfo Tech, are the major recruiters. These companies offer packages up to 18 lakhs with an average of 5 lakhs. The success of the training and placement cell of the institution is the result of brilliant coordination that is maintained between the T&P team and the students. The team of people behind the training and placement cell is made of industry and academic experts. Among the academic experts, are the faculty of the Institution who shed light on the particular needs of individual students. The training provided from this cell ranges from soft skills, personality development to technical training for specific fields. The institution invests a lot of time on preparing the students for the industry, but preparing the students for the industry is not the only focus of the establishment. The institution also places equal importance on research and development activities.
Among lesser known facts about the establishment is the outstanding research conducted in the institution. Modest about their contributions to the field, the students and the faculty of the institute work relentlessly to improve their research works. From small research activities being carried out frequently in the labs to the externally funded research, there are currently several researches being conducted in many departments of the institution. Currently several researches funded by agencies such as AICTE, VTU, IEI and KSCST are being conducted in the institution by different departments. Most of theresearches are focused on area such as, Renewable Energy, Embedded System Design and Mobile Adhoc Networks. To facilitate joint research activities the institution maintains a number of collaborations with reputed core engineering organizations such as, Think Ink Link foundations IISGL and EdGate Technologies Pvt Ltd. Through the Joint research programs the students are provided with the opportunity to work with the industry experts and intellectuals. By working with different people from the same field the students learn about the research culture and understand the importance of research in their fields. Many current researches are being conducted under the supervision of the faculty, consisting of doctorates and industry experts who are well informed in their area of researches and about industry.The faculty members of the Institution under the able guidance of the CEO & Managing Trustee Sai Prakash Leo Muthu, who is managing 23 Institutions with common Sairam Institution’s objective of building a better nation through Quality
Education, are actively involving in research & entrepreneurial activities. The result of transparent strategies of the Institution and able guidance of Top Management has made the Institution to earn “Best Structured Institution” Award from ASDF Global Award for the year 2015-16 by the Association of Scientists, Developers & Faculty. Understanding the current plight of many engineering graduates, the institute equips its students with the ability to become independent and confident in their future endeavors. The institution organizes regular conferences and seminars related to entrepreneurship in order to encourage the students to take up entrepreneurship. Frequent industry visits and guest lecture related to entrepreneurship are also arranged by the institution. The guest lectures are by prominent entrepreneurs and these lectures motivate and inspire the students to pursue their dreams and make them work harder on their goals.Encouraging the students for entrepreneurship, providing a platform for research and maintaining a good placement record, everything about the institution is commendable and highly organized. One good example of good organization would be the curriculum of the institution, structured by the advisory board and the academic council consisting of several dignitaries from the industry and the education field.

The Academic ambiance in the campus is based on curriculum designed by VTU & blended with Industry needs to equip students for corporate culture. Providing all the required facilities, with plans of international collaborations for research and joint programs, the institution plans for strengthening its research and becoming a center of excellence in technical education.
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