Sashi Iyer,Managing Director

Sashi Iyer

Managing Director

T he students and faculty members of Navi Mumbai-based MGM's Institute of Management have unique experience in the training and implementation of Six Sigma methodologies in the higher education arena. Recently, the institute conducted a Six Sigma program for their students in collaboration with SSA Business Solution. At the end of the program, though the learners received Six Sigma Training certification provided by SSA Business Solutions, the institute also wanted the students to also apply those Six Sigma principles to their own processes and the Six Sigma consultants and trainers of SSA
Business Solutions coached them on actual projects and were also available for them on call basis whenever they needed any sort of guidance.

Ultimately, the college could improve their efficiencies and reduce waste to deliver a superior experience for all stakeholders – from students and parents to faculty members and administrators.
“With the implementation of Six Sigma, the college revamped their attendance system, academic delivery model and improved canteen facilities and other important things in the campus. Moreover, the Six Sigma initiative not only increased their domestic placements that year, but also attracted foreign companies making it their first international placement too. For us, it was a very satisfying moment as a training provider,” says Sashi Iyer, Managing Director, SSA Business Solutions. Headquartered in Mumbai, SSA Business Solutions (formerly Six Sigma Alchemy) has helped many educational institutions and MNCs in creating several such success stories of quality improvement since its establishment in 1999. K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research (SIMSR), Universal Business School, Atharva College of Engineering and ISMT Business School are a few to name among them.

“We regularly conduct mass training workshops for colleges and also have classroom training happening in every quarter. Unlike our Six Sigma training programs for companies and working professional, these workshops are more enjoyable as it is filled with more group activities,” claims Sashi. Today, with over 40 trainers who are also working as consultants for implementing Six Sigma, Lean and various other business excellence practises across the globe, SSA Business Solutions has bigger plans.
“After adding value to the students in India, SSA Business Solutions is now in discussion with institutes in Oman, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh for taking their students to the next level by exposing them to world-class business practises, improvement tools and techniques which are aimed to enhance their career and life. Also while there are several short-term workshops and training programs available for Six Sigma aspirants, SSA's unique way of delivering the training to the students and other Six Sigma aspirants using real-time case studies and examples coming straight from SSA's own consulting experience which makes it easier for anyone to understand and apply the learning with ease. This makes our training program one of a kind and we believe that the actual learning happens when you really apply the concepts you learned in the classrooms,” concludes Sashi.
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