10 Best Six Sigma Institutes 2017

10 Best Six Sigma Institutes 2017

Various reports on the Indian higher education sector have highlighted that the majority of our graduates are not suitable for employment. Be it Engineering, MCA or MBA, obtaining a degree certificate alone does not look sufficient to meet the industry requirement. As more and more graduates quickly begin planning their entry into the increasingly competitive workforce, it is not only smart, but also necessary for them to examine the industry that they would like to begin their career in. This includes the trends in hiring, how they compare to their likely competition for available positions, and where the industry itself is headed. 

Having a Professional Certification, such as Lean and Six Sigma can add more value to the resume. With a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt Certification listed prominently on the resume, job aspirants can set themselves apart from the thousands of candidates competing for the role that they have their sights set on.

However, Learning Six Sigma has traditionally been a daunting task. Weeks of classroom training combined with extensive reading, studying and time away from work or other classes have been a large obstacle that the learners have faced when seeking Lean Six Sigma Training in the past. Dry and boring training options have always been available. For those who are looking for a training that will keep their focus and attention so that they can get the most out of it and receive a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt certification that will translate into a practical skill, we introduce '10 Best Six Sigma Institutes 2017.' 

Undoubtedly, Six Sigma certifications will help the job aspirants in landing in the dream jobs with ease, keeping aside the difficulties in attaining the certification. Now, the institutes that we have listed under the title '10 Best Six Sigma Institutes 2017' would make the process of certification more reliable by providing a perfect training. We do expect that the '10 Best Six Sigma Institutes 2017' will help the present generation to upgrade their skills so that they can accomplish their career dreams.

10 Best Six Sigma Institutes 2017




AADS Education Hyderabad, Telangana An institute with rich global experience in education, online media and IT services offering job oriented trainings, short term and long term professional training in various fields.
Beyond Z Consulting Bengaluru, Karnataka A management consulting firm specializing in business execution excellence with a focus on improving productivity and profitability for their clients.
Blue Ocean Academy Bengaluru, Karnataka A new era niche skill training institute committed to excellence under the management of experienced experts to create enthusiastic and brilliant professionals.
Henry Harvin Education Noida, Uttar Pradesh A distinguished organization offering focused learning solutions to cater to diverse audience from industry and academics to create a generation of leading professionals.
iACT Global Noida, Uttar Pradesh A quality institute offering certification and training services to individuals and companies across the globe to help professionals acquire skills in areas such as six sigma, sales, finance, supply chain and so on.
IIBM Institute of Business Management New Delhi, Delhi An institute providing industry oriented certification programs in management delivering high quality education to its students providing a broader exposure to move ahead in their career through additional management skill acquisition.
Omnex Chennai, Tamil Nadu An international organization specializing in management system solutions to elevate the quality by providing consulting and training services in quality, environmental, health and safety standards-based management systems.
Spectrum Networks Solutions Bengaluru, Karnataka A prestigious organization imparting knowledge transfer, professional and consultancy services through the excellent subject matter experts.
SSA Business Solutions Mumbai, Maharashtra An institute working world-wide to provide unique custom solutions in order to enable the clients deal with specific business issues along with performance imprvement.