Abdul Azeez,,Managing Director

Abdul Azeez,

Managing Director

Blue Ocean is the Middle East’s premier knowledge- empowerment enterprise. Armed with its innovative consulting and training solutions, custom -designed to provide a makeover to major companies as well as small and medium enterprises, Blue Ocean has set a new benchmark in building capabilities, translating directly into organizational profits. Headquartered in Dubai with a strong presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar,India, Africa and Sri Lanka, Blue Ocean stands on an enviable reputation built on 18 years of training, 80,000 alumni worldwide and a global network of certified trainers, prestigious international certifications and multinational partners.
“The Blue Ocean has always specialized in designing courses that bridge the gap between infrastructure and knowledge, imparting futuristic skills to a new genre of leaders.
This, in turn, increases profitability, builds loyalty and employees are committed to the success of the organization as a whole. Evidently, organizations with a futuristic vision are committed to make training a part of the organiza- tional culture and Blue Ocean is set to help organizations fulfill this very important role. As one of the pioneers of Six Sigma training in the Middle East, Blue Ocean offers Green and Black Belt certification from the prestigious US-based International Quality Federation (IQF). The five-day training is held in Dubai and conducted by industry experts. “The programs entail class room lectures, training handouts, practical exercises on computer systems, case studies, support on project selection and project mentoring. Our trainers are Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belts, Certified
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts,” explains Azeez.

Blue Ocean Academy provides end-to-end training solutions to some of the largest companies in the Middle East and always undertakes an appraisal and site visit to understand the current state of affairs and meets with the management to understand their needs and expectations.

Once a consensus is reached, Blue Ocean provides the clear action plans to achieve the objectives and monitor the progress both off-site and on-site. Even after project hand over, Blue Ocean keeps on providing free information seminars and invites the partners to conferences where the top industry experts share their experiences. Today, Blue Ocean is not only a training service provider, but also a knowledge hub in the region, as it is connected to the top professionals in the entire Middle East. “We are on a relentless pursuit to enhance our knowledge base and keep updated with the latest industry trends and practices. Hence, our trainings are not purely theoretical but it is enriched with the diversified experience of our trainers,” concludes Azeez.
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