Pradeep Kumar,Chief Catalyst

Pradeep Kumar

Chief Catalyst

The union of Lean and Six Sigma is getting more popular these days and what it brings on board is a powerful kit of tools the trained candidates can use in their day-to-day business. “If properly applied, Six Sigma is a great capability building intervention, and helps bring a culture of fact and data-based thinking, rather than intuition and gut feel,” says Pradeep Kumar, a Certified MBB in Lean and Six Sigma by SBTI, Texas, who has been trained by Mckinsey Consultants as a Lean Practitioner in Rock Hill-USA.

“Our ‘purpose’ is to help clients be successful and profitable by simple, accurate, and scientific solutions. Our ‘vision’ is to be leaders in taking our clients beyond current levels of effectiveness and efficiency,” says Pradeep. Beyond Z has been working with large multinationals to suggest the right tools and initiatives and help them in their transformation. Rather than going about providing the same standard training program for each company, each intervention of Beyond Z has been like milestones, because their programs have been custom made based on understanding the specific need.
“In our journey, we have covered various interventions - be it a specific tool or technique like Value Stream Mapping or a Kanban workshops; or an intervention like Policy Deployment and goal setting exercise or Six sigma implementation by training and deployment,” claims Pradeep.The company has also supported organizations in understanding their global production system and implementing them locally.

Lean Six Sigma training workshops conducted by Beyond Z are not merely sessions for knowledge enhancements, but practical guides to make bottom- line improvements. Built on interactive discussions, case study reviews and group exercises, the programs are diverse, inclusive and effective. “Lean and Six Sigma is a powerful union and we cover Lean topics in our Six Sigma programs,” says Pradeep. The approach of Beyond Z to improving client’s business is researched and realistic, which means, there are no blind application of textbook tools and techniques. “Our involvement can occur via three different and proven paths: Training, Consulting and Operational Coaching,” says Pradeep. In all cases and irrespective of intervention types, the prime focuses of Beyond Z revolve around building capabilities from within client organization, being a trusted advisor and catering to needs that best suit process and business objectives - and not creating a dependency on consultants.

Beyond Z increases capabilities by mentoring clients towards internalizing and imbibing improvement philosophies a they go about realizing greater successes. “We understand change management and how to drive change in organizations, which we believe is something clients are very keen on,” concludes Pradeep.
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