Shakira Ahmed,,Principal

Shakira Ahmed,


hen we look back to our childhood, we all did have one favorite teacher – a special mentor who was always there for us.While, we worked harder and learned better for that teacher, unfortunately, few of our teachers have also made us hate some subjects.
Undoubtedly, teaching is all about inspiring students and the right mix of chalk and challenges can change many lives. However, teaching as a profession requires an apt training, especially for those who are enthusiastic to teach kids aged below 12 years. Shakira Ahmed, the
founder of Sunshine Teachers Training Institute, was one such passionate individual. Her passion to work with
children prompted her to pursue an Advanced Diploma in Montessori Kindergarten and Nursery Teacher Training.

Upon securing the same, she along with her friend started Shine Educational Society (now renamed as Sunshine Teachers Training Institute) in the year 2008, to train the
teachers in Montessori concept.In the initial stages, it was difficult for Shakira and her team to attract students for training in Montessori, as the
concept of Montessori methodology and its benefits were not really accepted in the Indian society. “Ten years back,we struggled a lot to convince people about the new concept and it was very hard for us to get students. Eventually, the preschools and Montessori Method of teaching became popular and we were one of the few institutions to create teachers for kindergarten and Nursery education,” claims Shakira. She remembers the time when the institute was just admitted with ten students but she proudly claims that they never compromised with the quality of
service provided.
“In every batch we do something new either including a workshop,a subject or anything that improves the teaching

Shakira Ahmed,Principal She has earned her bachelor degree in Home Science in 1997 and later secured a distinction in Airlines and Travel Management in 1998. Her passion to work with children made her to pursue an Advanced Diploma in Montessori Kindergarten and Nursery Teacher Training. Upon securing the same, she along with her friend started, Shine Educational Society in the year 2008, to train the teachers in Montessori concept. After being a member in the society for eight years, she felt the need to start her own Montessori training institute and in the year 2014 overtook Shine Educational Society and renamed it as Sunshine Teachers’ Training Institute.

We keep the students upgraded with the knowledge that is all about what is happening in the teaching field,” says Shakira. A member of AMI (Association of Montessori international), an ISO certified and government registered, Sunshine Teachers' Training Institute focuses on upgrading the students to face the current trends in teaching by making
use of methods like case studies, vocational trainings, phonetics, puppets workshop and rhymes and training workshops. Proven very comprehensive for the children in the age group of 0-12 years, Sunshine’s new approach of teaching
enables children to face primary school with ease, confidence and success.

The 100 percent placement assurance is another highlight of the course. Other than acceptance of the society about the
Montessori concept, the tie-ups of the institute with other schools guarantee placement for all the students. “Our alumni members who are already working with reputed schools are in touch with us and if there are any vacancies they would let us know, which will help our ongoing students,” adds Shakira. Nowadays, schools look for the well-trained capable teachers
and there are many other teacher-training institutes in tie-up with reputed schools. However, the qualitative aspect brings
Sunshine ahead of other institutes.
Shakira’s motive to create capable teachers and parents made her look into every minute detail related to the institute. While, the personality of the teacher makes them acceptable, Sunshine management focuses more on creating an attractive personality for the student trainees. “We have a workshop where we train to mould their personality apt for a teacher. We call it as a grooming session for them where people from other schools come and train them the right way to behave for an interview, the first day and all,” says Shakira, who wants her students to be talented trainees in the field.

Sunshine’s 9-month course equips the aspirants with the Montessori and Nursery Teacher Training concepts and they not only make Montessori teachers, but also produce qualified teachers with in depth knowledge in Montessori techniques to handle different kinds of students and to face the competitive

“Our goal is to create a generation of teachers who are the best in early childhood education and prepares them for success in their professional life,” says Shakira. With aggressive plans for expansion,Sunshine group works to brighten everyone’s life with knowledge.
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