Rishabh Gayaprasad Jain,President/ Chairman

Rishabh Gayaprasad Jain

President/ Chairman

Fashion has become a buzzword and has tremendously changed the view of the mass towards it. This has highly influenced the end-users as well as every small and big organizations, employees and educational sectors associated with it in the last few decades. Established in 2017 Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University is the brainchild of Shri Rishabh Jain who is also the founder of G. P Jain Charitable Trust and Shri Vivek Anand Oberoi, Co Founder, Swarrnim. Swarrnim University has been envisaged as an institute of higher learning where students are taught to push the boundaries in innovation that has been taken ahead in all the academic departments like Pharmacy, Engineering, Design, Physiotherapy, Ayurvedic and Homoeopathy education.

Creating A Unique Blend Of Practical And Theoretical Education
Swarrnim University is one of the first universities across the country, where the knowhow of startup and innovation is not limited to a few branches of management, but spread across all the institutes currently operating under the banner of Swarrnim. Over the years, the students from various departments have thrived under the able guidance of startup and innovation mentors and achieved value enhancement in respective fields.

All the courses especially the fashion design course offered by the institute is developed giving equal importance to both the theoretical and practical aspects. "We, at Fashion Design, majorly focus not just on developing the design sense, but also on evolving the skills relating to the fashion industry. We understand that the majority of designers falter in the field because of the lack of skills to work at the grass-root level and with tailors and craftspeople.

To support this vision, we have incorporated various skill-based courses like sewing, dyeing, and printing along with studio-based courses like design projects, pattern making, and fashion drawing. We also offer supplementary courses like design theory, fashion history, management, and manufacturing to go with research areas like traditional textiles, embroideries and crafts", says Shri Vivek Anand Oberoi, Co Founder, Swarrnim.

At Swarrnim, the students get
trained for end-to-end aspects of fashion right through intense training of generating Ideas, design process, design innovation and selling that is very much required in the 21st Century. The institute encourages the students to look for design innovations and development from a commercial perspective relevant to the fashion industry. Within this, the students are guided by experts to resolve the challenges that usually affect the beginners to find their career in entrepreneurship, with a focus on fashion design.

"At Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University the students get trained for end-to-end aspects of fashion right through intense training of generating Ideas, design process, design innovation and selling that is very much required in the 21st Century"

The usual teaching methodologies include demonstrations, presentations, expert lectures, studio practice and design visits.

Vivek Anand Oberoi, Co-Founder

One important aspect that separates Swarrnim University from the rest is the internship opportunities provided by the institute. "We have strong industrial collaborations with well-known designers and boutiques majorly in Ahmadabad. Our 5thsemester students did their internship at studios like Badal Kumar Design Studio. Some are planning for the summer Internship with renowned design establishments like Anurag K Design Studio at Ahmadabad", says Shri Rishabh Jain.

Swarrnim University and its students give great importance to the philosophy of sustainable development and they are aiming to grow together without adversely affecting the nature. "We understand that our planet has limited resources, and we should make the best use of it. Based on this, our 5th Semester students collected 40 pairs of thrown away denims and designed up-cycled products that could be used for daily chores and purposes. These products included bags, accessories, and folders, which highlighted developing an innovative business model idea that can be convenient, feasible and affordable to the buyers.

The Importance Of Quality Infrastructure And Expert Faculty
Swarrnim University has worked very hard to provide the fashion design department the best of
infrastructure so there is no hindrance in imparting knowledge. "The department has studio spaces, which are equipped with all the instruments required. We also possess advanced sewing lab with specialized machines, advance pattern making lab with dress forms and mannequins to test and display the apparels. Furthermore, the students and faculties make use of the seminar hall and classrooms with projectors, along with an advanced IT lab and Apple lab, Wi-Fi and internet within the campus", says Prof. Rajdeep Routh.

The core strength of the institute is the expertise and experience of its faculty and Swarrnim University provides great care and attention to provide proper training for the faculty members. "We recruit faculties who align with our vision and mission and who are eager to participate, contribute and enhance the learning environment. Our teachers and mentors work to bring a dynamic approach within the interdisciplinary institute of design. The selection of faculties is done through an arduous process with a thought of the current and future courses in the department. Being a multidisciplinary design department, we also take insights from our fellow architects and designers so that the teaching pedagogy can be improved. To develop the faculties' skills the university has a dedicated faculty development program", says Shri Rishabh Jain.

Swarrnim University also offers various financial supports for their students including waving off some amount of their fees and the institute is planning to build better scholarship opportunities and even student exchange programs with nationally and internationally proclaimed design institutes around the world for the upcoming years.

For the future Swarrnim University is planning to introduce master's programs for design in various fields. Swarrnim University has charted paths to be globally recognized and evolve among the leading design institutes in India, with developments in the areas of fashion with applied textiles, applied management skills, applied accessories, applied technology and more. They are also planning for the short term and skilled based courses for the local folk in the region. By the next few years, Swarrnim University is planning for infrastructural developments in advance labs and equipments to facilitate future-oriented learning.
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