The Learning Centre PU College: Elite Educational Institution With Global Operating Perspective

By Severine Rosario, Program Coordinator
Severine Rosario,Program Coordinator

Severine Rosario

Program Coordinator

Even with top educational institutions in India being able to make impressive strides in the higher education strata, most of them still sit way back when compared to some of the best universities and colleges in various foreign countries. The lack of research-oriented experiential education and the growing skill gap in the country are bitter reminders of how far we as a country have to go to be at level pegging with some of the best higher education institutions around the globe.

One Indian educational institution that has been trying to make a positive impact on the higher education strata of the country is TLC PU College. TLC works on concept clearing and helps students to become an independent learner who is capable of learning from multiple resources. The institute nurtures students who have a desire to get to the top by creating an environment that is competitive and challenging. TLC was founded by Severine Rosario as she felt that a sturdy conceptual foundation, proactive teachers and proper guidance are needed to help students achieve greater heights.

Enriching the lives of their students
By creating the perfect learning environment, TLC is aiming to realize their vision of helping students find their greatness. “We wanted to create a place where we can help students reach colleges/careers they couldn’t. We also have taken an internal goal of having 65 percent of our students in the top 10 Medical/Engineering/Pure Science colleges in the country/world through merit seats and the rest 40 percent to the top colleges in the state.
Topics here are taught at a higher, core-fundamental level that would help students clear scholarship/entrance/competitive exams like NEET, KVPY, Olympiads and JEE to name a few. We teach students conceptual learning, and teach them at a much deeper level than PUC which helps them ace competitive exams. Apart from teaching, we give a lot of practice papers, wherein students are always challenged. Our programs/courses offer dynamic learning experiences such as classes that include an in-depth understanding of theories using unique methodologies, exercises, and group projects”, says Severine Rosario, Program Coordinator, TLC PU College.

“TLC works on concept clearing and helps students to become an independent learner who is capable of learning from multiple resources”

TLC offer PCMB, PCME, PCMS and PCMCS courses and don’t just teach from the text-books and the college is open to teaching concepts from the best materials available from across the world. The teacher is more of a facilitator at TLC and there are junior-level lecturers throughout the day on the campus for doubt clearing. Added to that, attention is given to every student at any point of time irrespective of their merit.

Faculty members are available to the students to clear their doubts even separately, if requisite. Besides, TLC also has a student-teacher ratio of 1:30 and they also have a Mentorship program which is an excellent opportunity for students to personally interact with the Mentors, who formally share their experiences and guide students by providing structured advice on opportunities in specific fields.

Promising Top-notch Education for All
TLC acknowledges the importance of allowing students from all walks of life an opportunity to experience world-class education. The institute offers a plethora of scholarship
opportunities to meritorious students, based on their performance in the previous grades and financial background. TLC also trains students to get a merit/government seat in top engineering/medical/basic sciences colleges in the country. “We are a small college and we intend to keep it small.

We want TLC to become a stepping stone in students’ success wherein they find their greatness. Our purpose is to help them find their success and we assist students to create their identity, get into the best colleges in the country and state. For example, 33 percent of our students secured above 99 percent in JEE Main 2020, whereas the country’s average is one percent”, speaks Severine.

To keep pace with the changes happening in both the higher education strata as well as the ever-changing needs of the industry, TLC is conducting webinars every Saturday wherein a panel of guests from various fields speak about their areas of work, how to reach there, and the challenges they have faced.

Going forward, TLC has realized that they need to have a global perspective and want to focus on 70- 80 percent of students joining the top colleges in the world, apart from students joining top institutions in India. The college would mentor and guide their students to get into top universities in the world, by training them on writing exams like TOEFL, and SAT to name a few. More importantly, TLC aims to continue guiding their students towards career development and career skills that will help them reach their goals.

Severine Rosario, Program Coordinator
Severine believes that until and unless a student does not find the ‘joy’ element in the learning process, he/she will never be able to enjoy the learning. It is this belief and her passion to help aspiring students and the support she received from some passionate teachers that made her zero in on the establishment of TLC PU College.
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