UniCamillus University: Shaping The Careers Of Medical Experts With A Global Approach


Rome based UniCamillus University is inspired by Camillo de Lellis, universal patron of the sick, nurses and hospitals who laid the foundations of modern health care system between the 16th and 17th centuries. UniCamillus with its name pays homage to Camillo de Lellis, who later became a saint of the Catholic religion, is an extraordinary figure of enlightened ‘manager’ of health who placed the sick at the center of everything. Built on the distinctive values of Internationality, Humanitarian Mission and Inclusive Medicine, UniCamillus University is a private University exclusively dedicated to Health and Medical Sciences. Set up with an ambitious mission of bringing health to the center of dialogue between nations, UniCamillus intends to prepare excellent healthcare workers, skilled in pathologies and health issues existing beyond the Western world, who are trained to operate in a spirit of service, not power. This means ‘putting the patient and his family at the center’, providing them with empathic assistance capable of considering their needs and ensuring adequate information, a mission that UniCamillus has been pursuing since its establishment.

UniCamillus - Saint Camillus International University of Health Sciences is a ‘foreign policy initiative through health’ which in line with its humanitarian mission offers courses that are aimed at training doctors and healthcare professionals, making them capable of operating at an international level in order to meet the healthcare needs of less privileged countries. During the study plan of the various Degree Courses offered by UniCamillus, particular emphasis is given to the interrelationships existing between the contents of the basic sciences and those of the clinical sciences with specific attention being paid to the inter-disciplinarity of Medicine.

Emphasizing on Inclusive, Quality Learning
In accordance with the international characteristic of the University, the six-year Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery and the Bachelor's Degree Courses in Physiotherapy, Nursing and Radiology, Diagnostic Images and Radiotherapy Techniques are courses taught entirely in English. UniCamillus University constantly guarantees the use of various didactic tools and support
programs to help students of different cultures and languages to improve their scientific English fluency to reach the desired level to take advantage of their degree in most countries of the world, without any linguistic difficulties. The Bachelor’s Degree Courses in Midwifery and Biomedical Laboratory Techniques, on the other hand, are delivered in Italian but given the high demand for foreign students, UniCamillus will also provide these courses in English. “We are considering other Degree courses such as Degree in Dentistry. At the moment, we also provide several Master courses delivered both on site and in e-learning mode, especially useful in cases of emergency such as the one we are experiencing now due to Covid-19. It is our Professors who are currently carrying out Online Teaching, are Doctors, Healthcare”, says Gianni Profita, Rector, UniCamillus University.

“A secular university open to young people who practise the most varied religions, at the moment UniCamillus is home to Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Shinto and even animist students”

As a source of energy for humanity's progress, scientific research at UniCamillus University represents its commitment to guarantee the right to health to all individuals thanks to its prestigious research projects on various diseases. Within a few months, the University has hired 14 researchers, removing them from the temptation to bring their work abroad. UniCamillus focuses in particular, through partnerships with multiple international research centres, on the diseases of the least developed countries, such as HIV / AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria and, above all on the Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs).

Dedicated towards imparting quality medical education, UniCamillus is a powerhouse of an excellent teaching staff which adheres to these values of brotherhood and compassion and trains its students to pursue health as an absolute value, a science for the benefit of all without discrimination or differences of any kind. UniCamillus graduates will always keep in mind the humanitarian values acquired during their study path. “With over 30% of our students, the highest rate in Europe, coming from 36 non-EU countries, this percentage is only expected to increase in future. These young nonItalian speakers learn Italian language very early and once graduated, they somehow become ambassadors in the world of Italian scientific excellence. They are devoted and grateful to our country for making them become excellent health
professionals and will represent the lifeblood of Italian health culture that will spread all over the world”, shares Gianni Profita.

Attracting Talent from All Corners
As a young institute, UniCamillus the University still does not have graduates in Medicine and Surgery and in the three-year Health Professions Degree Courses. However, the enthusiasm of young students enrolled in the first and second year is inspiring all aspiring doctors and health professionals, by vocation, and willing to help their own country and the poorest territories. “Most of our students already have in mind the importance of placing the patient at the center of the care path in all its complexity and fragility. This is evident, at the moment, from the students enrolled in the first year in Physiotherapy, Nursing, Midwifery, Biomedical Laboratory Techniques and Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques, to whom we give the great opportunity to carry out internships at health facilities affiliated with the University”, speaks Gianni.

UniCamillus also provides a significant number of grants and scholarships for deserving and highly motivated non-EU students who do not have sufficient financial resources. More specifically, the formula used for non-EU students is the ‘loan of honour’, that is completely repaid if, after having achieved the degree, the professional returns to his own country (or in a similar one) to practice for at least three years. Scholarships are financed also by the support of national and international organisations that are engaged in humanitarian activities or that wish to support future physicians, nurses, obstetricians and technicians who will address health emergencies that still affect a substantial part of the world.

A secular university open to young people who practise the most varied religions, at the moment UniCamillus is home to Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Shinto and even animist students. This diversity enriches the University’s culture, because health is its only belief. Concluding the interaction Gianni mentions, “UniCamillus University is perfectly integrated into the international mainstream of important financial support for the most qualified research initiatives that have an academic profile and that are at the service of balanced growth for humanity. While our resources are important, we are also preparing to make significant investments in Rome, which I am personally proud of as a Roman citizen, for the creation of an academic research and excellence centre in the medical field.”