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Debarpita Bardhan Correia,Dean & Academic Director

Deba is currently Head of The Business School, leading on all Business and Management related programmes at the University of Buckingham. Deba completed her doctorate from Cranfield University and MSc. in Service Management from The University of Buckingham.

Dean Jones, Partnerships and Outreach Manager

Developing and managing a programme of events. Engaging with industry partners and engaging with students suited to the different programmes offered at the University of Buckingham

"One of the distinctive features that makes the University of Buckingham sought after among the students is the ‘Oxbridge style’ tutorial system, in which groups of 6 to 8 students share and deepen their understanding of academic concepts with subject experts"

Studying abroad takes courage. Leaving behind family and friends and moving to a foreign country can impact a student's mental health and well-being. Students can feel lonely and may experience homesickness, which could contribute to below expected academic results. Taking into consideration the importance of the mental well-being of students, the University of Buckingham has started its journey to becoming Europe's first ‘Positive University'. Given this, the University fosters an approach of positive psychology amongst staff and students. This approach enables students to be happier, more engaged with their learning and develop a purpose in their lives beyond university. To mark the launch of this new initiative at the University of Buckingham, the Vice Chancellor, Sir Anthony Seldon has engaged in talks with the Honorary Graduate, Professor Martin Seligman, the pioneer of positive psychology. Established in 1976, as the UK's first Independent University, Buckingham was given Royal Charter status
in 1983. The University is recognized as the home of the 2-year degree in the United Kingdom, an accelerated degree programme which provides students with the opportunity to complete their degree one year ahead of other students in mainstream University education. From its inception, The University of Buckingham has welcomed international students from over 90 different nationalities. "At Buckingham, everything is designed around students’ well-being .As a small University we provide a friendly, supportive, safe environment conducive to an exceptional learning community” shares Dean Jones, Partnerships and Outreach Manager. The University has received numerous awards, beingranked top ten for Teaching Quality and student experience, 1st in England for Student satisfaction, top 5for Student-Staff Ratio by The Complete University Guide 2019.

One of the distinctive features that makes the University sought after among the students is the ‘Oxbridge style’ tutorial system, in which groups of 6 to 8students share and deepen their understanding of academic concepts with subject experts. Deba Bardhan Correia, Dean of the School emphasised, “We are widely known in the education arena for following the tutorial method, which is a regular and meaningful interaction between students and subject tutors. In the tutorial, students explore different ways of looking at problems and applying theory into a real world context and receiveregular personal feedback on their learning journey. In addition,the university has an open door policy whereby students can engage with faculty members regularly.

Deba observes, "Hailing from India myself, I can vouch for the fact that the University Of Buckingham opens its doors to international students. We make sure that every student and in particular, international students experience a smooth transition to University life in the United Kingdom and in no timeat all they will become a part of the Buckingham family ". The School of Business hosts a large number of International students and offers arrange of courses including Undergraduate programmes in Business Enterprise (BBE), Accounting and Finance, Business and Management and many more. They also offer a range of Postgraduate Business courses, including the MBA, MSc Accounting and Finance, MSc Entrepreneurial
Consultancy & Practice, MSc Strategic Marketing and Customer Experience Management, MSc Management in a Service Economy and many more. As well as Business, The University of Buckingham is also well known for its programmes in Law, Medicine, Computing, Psychology and Humanities.

Entrepreneurship in Education

University of Buckingham students are provided various opportunities to engage with real-life business. In particular, in the Business Enterprise Undergraduate programme, students can start and run a business as part of their degree. Commenting on the programme, Dean Jones states, "Initiated in January 2006, our BSc in Business Enterprise is the first undergraduate Venture Creation Programme (VCP) at a university anywhere in the world. This enables the students to start and run a business as part of their degree, as the programme is split between real-world application and theoretical knowledge. This course allows the students to ‘pitch' for ‘seed-corn' capital of up to £5,000, enabling them to start and run their own business as an integral part of the degree". From day one, the students are tutored by a diverse team of University's academics and are provided with the necessary skills to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. The University is currently offering an International Entrepreneurship Scholarship worth up to £17400 GBP to deserving candidates. The Business also School offers a range of other scholarships and bursaries, to help ease students financial burden.

Social life on campus

Deba shares, "Within the campus, there are a range of societies, including an Indian society where students of every culture and background can celebrate festivals like Holi and Diwali. This way, our Indian students celebrate their home country's heritage and culture in an international setting".

Deba further adds, “The university works closely with students in particular who join us from overseas to ensure they feel welcome. Students will more often than not feel that Buckingham is their ‘home away from home' within just a few days of starting university life.” Each international student is treated like a member of the Buckingham family.
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