Prof. Vince Emery,Senior Vice-President

Prof. Vince Emery

Senior Vice-President

Getting a homelike environment away from home is complete bliss for the one who determines to fly abroad in the pursuit of their dream study programme. Established on 9 September 1966, the University of Surrey is housing 200 Indian students out of a total population of some 15,800 students and offering the perfect set-up an Indian student long for in a foreign country. "We are aware of the employability quotient around the world and so accord a substantial gravity in providing employment for our students through education which is relevant to the industry," shares Prof. Vince Emery, Senior Vice-President, University of Surrey.
In the latest QS world rankings of universities for employability, the University of Surrey has been ranked in the 121-130 zone.

The University has more than 2,300 professional partners and a score of more than 95 percent graduate employability for the past five years, which makes it one of the most sought-after learning destinations for the students all over. The students of Surrey from the very beginning of their course are impelled to take up project work and ease their learning by making the curriculum grounded in the ‘real world' using pertinent contemporary examples to illustrate areas of pedagogy.

Encompassing a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, the University focuses on a multi-disciplinary study, which will enable the students to adapt themselves to the ever-changing landscape of 21st-century education.
Additionally, the multi-cultural campus of the University helps each student to gain values like tolerance, teamwork and adaptability, which are considered as the core elements in a working environment. Among the many USPs of the university, one is its approach of allowing undergraduate students to undergo a one year professional placement as part of their degree. Learning while doing is now acknowledged worldwide where the employers seek for a minimum duration of working experience in the employee's resume, making surety of their readiness of working in a ‘real-work environment'. During this period, students can complete a Professional Training Year (PTY) where the university provides a network of PTY tutors who will be responsible for addressing the doubts of the students by visiting them away from the university.

Pioneer in Contemporary Research-Culture

Regarded as one of the UK's leading research universities, the University of Surrey has been the platform for many developments and discoveries. The University of Surrey is also the brainchild behind initiating one of the world's first research centers dedicated to mobile communications and future internet technologies, the 5G Innovation Center (5GIC), which is home to over 150 researchers and 100 PhD students. Recognising the university's effort, the development has been awarded £11.6 million in UK Government investment along with the recent investment of further £10 million ensuring 5G research at the forefront of world science all over. "5GIC at the University of Surrey is the largest UK academic research center in this area of study and is working relentlessly to maintain the status through considerable meaningful research," says Prof. Emery.

A Paradise for Indian Students
The students of the University of Surrey get access to team-up with the brightest people in their fields and have access to a very energetic and vibrant learning environment irrespective of their cultural difference. Presently the students from India are studying a variety of courses in the campus, although there is a particular inclination towards engineering and MBA. "We provide guaranteed accommodation for our international students in their first year of study (at all levels) for making their stay in the university hassle-free", claims Prof. Emery. The University also supports Indian students who aspire to study a Masters programme by providing The Surrey International Scholarship for Excellence, which awards between £2,000 and £4,000.

"Today our students are placed in top organizations and hold senior positions. Just to name a few of our
Indian alumni, we would like to mention Mr. Kalimuthu Arumugam who is the country director of Water for People India division and Mr. Ugranath Chakarvarty who is the program Facilitator for the UNCTAD-Empretec Programme for India," shares Prof. Emery. Considering the welcoming nature of the University, several achievements, and employability element, today it would not be wrong to say that the University of Surrey is definitely an optimal choice for Indian students who aspire to study abroad.
International University of the Year -2017