International University of the Year -2017

Leaving their nests behind, annually a plethora of dreamers from India manage to land into a foreign country only with a hope of holding a degree from a prestigious international university. A global view does not only eliminate stereotypes but leads teenagers to a broader understanding of the world and its issues. It will provide an insight into other countries with unfamiliar customs, unexplored perks and new beliefs. 

Out of all this, educating in an international sphere lets the student be emotionally independent turning them into a mature soul who is always ready to confront any situation he is put in.

Accumulating these factors, it comes as no surprise that one of every five international students today is either from China or India. For instance, contributing $5.01 billion to the U.S. economy in 2015-16, the number of Indian students in the USA touched an all-time high of 165,918. Australia too has seen a spike in the number of Indian students, with 65,471 as of...

International University of the Year -2017




Peoples' Friendship University of Russia Moscow, Russia Peoples' Friendship University of Russia is the most international university in Russia.
Aston University Birmingham, England Aston is a long established research-led University known for its world-class teaching quality and strong links
Goethe University Frankfurt Frankfurt, Germany Goethe University Frankfurt, positioned among the top international research universities, offers a wide variety of academic programmes.
University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan A top-ranked public university, the University of Michigan has a tradition of excellence in research, learning and teaching, sports and the arts, and more.
University of Surrey Guildford, UK The University of Surrey specializes in science, engineering, medicine and business.
University of Twente Enschede, Netherlands The University of Twente offers degrees in the fields of social sciences, exact sciences and is highly specialized in engineering.
University of Waterloo Waterloo, Canada The university offers academic programs administered by six faculties and ten faculty-based schools.