Ural Federal University (UrFU): Ensuring Wholesome Education For The Holistic Development Of Students

By Victor Koksharov, Rector
Victor Koksharov,Rector Russia has a long and strong history of high-quality research and teaching. Ural Federal University, established in 1920, brings its own significant contribution to the national strategy aiming to bring the higher education in Russia up to the level of the highest global academic standards by improving its position and competitiveness on the world education and research stage. The University main mission is the formation of human, scientific and technological potential and sustainable development of post industrial economy branches of the Ural region. Nowadays Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin is one of the leading and largest universities in Russia which has been ranked 331st in the QS World University rankings in 2020. Located in Ekaterinburg - the 3d largest and one of the most dynamic cities in Russia which is also one of the most promising cities in Russia for foreign investment and trade, UrFU offers its students the perfect opportunity to develop and thrive in the modern world.

Growing from Strength to Strength
Ural Federal University provides high-quality Master’s and Doctoral degree programs in English taught by leading professors and researchers of national and international level at a comparatively low tuition fees. The University is also one of the leaders in Russia in the implementation of online courses and electronic educational resources. UrFU is internationally open and has a very wide network of international contacts having more than 500 partners all over the globe and is also an active participant of such initiatives as BRICS Network University, SCO Network University, and CIS University, University of Arctic to name a few. All UrFU students have the possibility to take part in international mobility programs
at one of the partner universities in all parts of the globe and in different international joint projects which helps them to develop their cross-cultural learning.

The University is also actively developing individual educational trajectories and project-oriented studies, thus transforming the learning process to meet the individual needs of each student. The custom-designed curriculum offered by the University allows the students to think outside the box and identify their true potential. Adding more about the courses offered at UrFU, Rector, Victor Koksharov says, “UrFU offers over 460 educational programs of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in natural sciences, engineering, humanities, social sciences, and economics in Russian and English. There are 15 world-class Master’s degree programs taught fully in English in Mechanical engineering, IT, International management, trade and communications, HR management, PR and advertising, Food Biotechnology, Cognitive Neurosciences, Preventology, Neoindustrial design, Philosophy and Russian studies. Some of our programs also offer an opportunity to get a double degree of UrFU and leading universities abroad.”

“Ural Federal University provides high-quality Master’s and Doctoral degree programs in English taught by leading professors and researchers of national and international level at a comparatively low tuition fees”

Thinking Ahead of the Time
The pedagogical staff team of the University consists of over 4500 faculty members, including 298 professors, 1062 associate professors, 599 doctors of science, 1977 PhDs, and 40 foreign lecturers. “Our university is worth to be chosen also for its excellent infrastructure that includes 12 institutes, 72 research excellence centres, 164 scientificre search laboratories including 12 international laboratories headed by experts from leading institutions. At UrFU there is a fully equipped Centre for Inclusive Education where we created the conditions that allow people with disabilities to receive the most advanced knowledge. It is also important to mention that the cost of accommodation at
the dormitory is only around 15 USD per month. Apart of that, the University infrastructure includes different sport facilities including swimming pool, summer and winter stadiums, wrestling gym, fitness studio, 11 specialized sports halls, 2 ski resorts, ice skating rink and 14 athletic fields”, says, Vector.

UrFU, together with Russian and international academic and industrial partners, is currently implementing six mega projects which are focused on breakthrough directions of scientific research. These projects will make a great contribution to the development of the world's science. In 2023, UrFU will also be co-hosting the Summer Universiade and acquire a brand new campus and modern sports facilities. UrFU awards scholarship to meritorious foreign students based on their academic performance and furthermore applicants who earn 40 and more points at the entrance exam get a tuition fee discount between 10 and 30 percent for the entire period of study. These are only some of the various opportunities that students can make use of to reduce their financial burden. UrFU pays special attention to the student’s employment issue and hundreds of students, including foreign students, are employed at the University itself. For aspiring students, UrFU can promise high-quality education with reasonable tuition fees and living costs, as well as different scholarship possibilities and full support in all matters of daily life through a special Adaptation Centre and a Buddy system. Ural Federal University also offers all its students a bright and interesting student life, organizing over 200 cultural, social and sports events every year.

Victor Koksharov, Rector
In 1986 Mr. Koksharov graduated from the faculty of History of Gorki Ural State University and first became a senior lecturer at the Department of Contemporary History and Theory of International Relations. He is also a Ph.D. holder in history and he is also a member of various reputed councils including the Russian Government Expert Council, the Russian Council for International Affairs, and co-chairman of the Association of Leading Universities of Russia to name a few.
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