URX Institute Of Fashion Technology: Facilitating The Evolution Of The Indian Fashion IndFrom Grass Root Levelustry

By Urvashi Soni, Founder
URX Institute Of Fashion Technology: Facilitating The Evolution Of The Indian Fashion IndFrom Grass Root Levelustry
Urvashi Soni,Founder

Urvashi Soni


The Indian fashion industry has been an integral sector contributing significantly to the economy of the country. The Indian textiles and fashion sector caters not only to the national market, but is also exported widely, there by becoming an essential contributor driving up the economy. The fashion industry, being as volatile and dynamic as it is, continually brings new trends to the market, leading to a growth in the need for talented designers and creators of fashion forward articles of clothing.

While there are a few premiere fashion education institutions spread across the country, none of them beat the variety of courses offered by the URX Institute of Fashion Technology. URX (United Revolution Xstream) institute of fashion technology was founded in 2020, out of the realization for making women independent. What started from a small room in Hyderabad with 4 sewing machines, with a simple aim of up skilling more women and creating better job opportunities for them, has now culminated into a full-fledged institute, offering a wide range of online and offline courses in various aspects of fashion technology.

Courses & Certifications
A country like India, which is incredibly diverse in every aspect, including fashion, designers can find infinite sources of inspiration in every nook and corner. Every single state has its own unique fashion, color, and culture, which can be easily integrated with modern cuts and silhouettes to create wonderful pieces for the modern generation. The diversity of fabrics found here makes experimentation with different designs all the more interesting.

Despite such avenues and opportunities being avail-able, the majority of women involved in this industry are unaware of the market potential simply because they do not have access to valuable information. The northern industry is unaware of the Ikat work of Telangana and Kanjivaram of Tamil Nadu similar to how the South Indian industry is unaware of the Phulkar iand Lahariya. Classroom education such as that provided by URX aims at bridging this gap through practical education and field trips. URX's teaching pedagogy and policies are developed to align with the concept of women's empowerment. We work to enable a safe and dignified life for women by upskilling them.

URX's curriculum focuses 80% on practical education in the form of internships, and industrial tours, and 20 percent on theoretical knowledge. URX understands that students first need a conducive environment to study in and thus provides them with that environment, along with modern and necessary facilities and tools. However, URX's endeavors do not stop here. The institute also provides complete placement assistance to every student. Those who initiate their own business ventures are also supported in the setup process by URX.

In achieving all its aims for women's empowerment, URX offers a range of courses that last anywhere from one month to three full years. one month to six month long courses are specific certifications which help students master one skill. The one year courses are diploma courses, followed by two year long advanced diplomas, and three year long degree courses. To further cement the learning, the institute also organizes periodic exams, as well as training sessions, doubt clearing sessions, as well as seminars and workshops.

In order to ensure that no one is deprived of quality education due to lack of funds, the institute also offers scholarships to students eager to learn but in need of financial aid. Furthermore, the
institute's reach in the textile industry as well as manufacturing labs, not only facilitates field trips but is also a good source for placement and internship opportunities. Placement assistance in the form of mock interviews, group discussions, in addition to some very interesting extra curriculars like self defense and discussion of current affairs, aims at the holistic development of students, thereby inculcating a sense of self-confidence in every one.

Future Roadmap
The institute emphasizes on a curriculum that is based on relevant real-world and contemporary industrial requirements to develop marketable skills in our students. They acknowledge that learning extends beyond the four walls of the class-room and includes other facets of life. As such, URX strives to impart to its students both subject-specific understanding and social awareness in order to prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead. The institute further aspires to keep on expanding geographically, becoming one of the finest institutes of higher education in the arena of fashion design.

"URX understands that students first need a conducive environment to study in and thus provides them with that environment, along with modern and necessary facilities & tools"

Urvashi Soni, Founder
URX was founded by Urvashi Soni who started her journey in the Fashion Designing Industry at the young age of 15 years, while she was still in high school. Her passion for the craft encouraged her to develop expertise in Garment Construction. Having developed exceptional skills in the art of designing and constructing clothes, she decided to take students under her wing and impart the knowledge that she had gained. Over the course of a few years, she has taught and trained over 500 students who are now working with some of the leading fashion designers in the industry.
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