Vidyamandir Classes: A Forerunner In The IIT JEE Preparation Zone Offering Excellent Training

By Saurabh Kumar, Director Academics
Saurabh Kumar,Director Academics

Saurabh Kumar

Director Academics

Getting into the elite IITs is no less than a dream come true for most of the engineers today. An entry to any of the IITs is considered ‘the beginning of good days' which will be filled with growth and prosperity. But, cracking the entrance examination – IIT JEE - is not a plain sailing task; instead, it requires one to put their heart and soul for the preparation of the same. Foreseeing that the students will be able to lead a better future after graduating from IITs, three alumni of IIT-Delhi, Brij Mohan Gupta, Shyam Mohan Gupta and Manmohan Gupta embarked onto the journey of providing training to IITJEE aspirants by establishing Vidyamandir Classes (VMC) in 1986. A pioneer in the IITJEE training and coaching space, Vidyamandir Classes today has emerged into a valuable brand which is highly famous among the student community.

"Credited with many "Firsts" in the test preparation arena, our primary goal at VMC is to extend appropriate knowledge and guidance and thereby create an environment that inspires the students to recognize and explore their own potentials," shares Shyam Mohan Gupta, Co- Founder, VMC. The milestones that the institute has achieved over the three decades of its existence includes introducing admission and talent screening test for IITJEE coaching in 1990 for the first time in the country, introducing online assessment for IITJEE coaching, launching its classroom courses in 18 cities where classes would be conducted through the latest VSAT Technology and many more. Growing by leaps and bounds, the popularity of VMC is such that, annually over 50,000 students appear for the VMC test for the limited seats and only a few handpicked students gets the opportunities to obtain training by the expert trainers of VMC.

The specialized training for IIT JEE that the institute has been offering comprises of well-designed study materials
on all the three subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) in the form of modules. Each module contains chapters, divided into three parts viz. detailed theory portion, solved examples & in-chapter exercises & oSample Workbook which covers completely JEE Main & Advanced. "This year we have launched a new wing dedicated for training in medical courses. The Medical division will help the students to prepare for PMT exams like AIIMS, NEET, to name a few," proudly shares Shyam Mohan Gupta. All the trainers of the institute take explicit care in understanding the psychology of the students and render counseling to them as and when required. Kumar adds, "The course content plays a significant role and recognizing this VMC had introduced completely cohesive and scientifically designed course material for its students back in 1992. This lets our students access organized and comprehensive study material, which is perfectly synchronized with the classroom sessions."

"The specialized training for IIT JEE that the institute has been offering comprises of well-designed study materials on all the three subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) in the form
of modules"

A Dream Platform for Achievers
VMC gives its students enough room of self-study as the management of the institute firmly believes this approach enables the students to be more confident and understand their strength and weaknesses along with continuously conducting mock tests with the regular evaluation system. "The lessons have been designed to keep fundamentals simple focusing on a straightforward approach. Each lesson has concepts, illustrations, objective solved examples, subjective solved examples and exercises that greatly assist the students in grasping the fundamental concepts," shares Saurabh Kumar, Director Academics, VMC. Systematic solutions of the problems are been incorporated in the contents so that the students do not have to face any difficulty while understanding any topic. On the other hand, the faculty members' research-proven techniques of study material presentation act as a cherry on the cake for the students.

The study materials prepared by the faculty members of the VMC is such self-sufficient and
comprehensive that the institute confidently encourages its students to only rely on the VMC materials, instead of consulting any other books or guides and get confused. "We regularly upgrade our course material with appropriate modifications to meet the changing pattern and syllabus of the IITJEE every year," claims Saurabh Kumar. Owing to the quality and excellence, the institute has been demonstrating since the inception, it has successfully generated a number of IITJEE toppers who today are holding significant and top positions in different organizations. Mohammad Ali Rehan - AIR 47 - JEE Advanced 2018 while sharing his experience with VMC, says, "VMC not only put efforts in making the students a better human being and more knowledgeable but also prioritize on teaching them how to enjoy life and how to stay stress free and not get inclined towards any kind of negativity, hopelessness, and peer pressure."

Priding on a proven track record of delivering quality training through adopting innovative teaching methodology & technology, Vidyamandir Classes is now regarded as the synonymous with success in the IIT JEE preparation field. "Apart from receiving immense appreciation from the students, we are also quite preferable among the parents of the country and in future as well, we aim to sustain this earned legacy and reputation whilst keeping producing toppers," concludes Shyam Mohan Gupta.

Saurabh Kumar, Director Academics
Saurabh Kumar is a Gold Medallist in Mechanical Engineering. He has more than 20 years of experience in the IITJEE Industry, has mentored more than 1000 IITians till date and has a long association with VMC. He is involved in Leadership Council of Vidyamandir Classes and prepares challenging content. He is Director Academics and also responsible for the overall development of North India centers.

Shyam Mohan Gupta, Co-Founder
With over 30 years of teaching experience to his credit, he is regarded as an icon and guru of Physics in the test preparation industry. He has completed his Bachelor’s from IIT-Delhi and teaching has always been his passion. He has been the main driving force and visionary behind the success of Vidyamandir Classes and brought it to the iconic stature in IITJEE Test preparation industry that it enjoys today.
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