Jayant Mohite,Big Data Trainer & Consultant

Jayant Mohite

Big Data Trainer & Consultant

By the year 2020, it is estimated that the data available will reach 44 zettabytesm, which is equal to 44 trillion GB. Various Big Data platforms have been conceived to manage and structure the data to address this explosion of data growth. Of the hundreds of solutions available, two in particular have become increasingly popular choices: Hadoop and MongoDB.

Jayant Mohite, Big Data Trainer & Consultant, Wisdom Sprouts says, “Earlier, Hadoop was only storage and processing but now there is always a new update. The people are getting confused with what they have to learn to keep them updated. As a training provider in Big Data, we are going with MongoDB which could bring it on one platform and the only drawback is it is not a standalone analytical platform”.
The awareness on MongoDB in the U.S. is comparatively much higher when compared to India. Since, the Hadoop comes with its own complications, the necessity of bringing awareness about MongoDB in India is a herculean task for institute like Wisdom Sprouts, which is one of the few institutes in Pune to offer training in MongoDB. “We worked six years on this online platform and we became one of the few institutions to train the students in the field of Hadoop and MongoDB in Maharashtra,” says Jayant Mohite.

The institute after the initial launch went to the colleges around Pune to ensure that they were updated. “The students were not aware of MongoDB so we gave free seminars and free training to colleges so that it will help the students to become industry ready,” Jayant adds. MongoDB can be learned within 24 hours, but to enter the industry one must have to prove his ability. “We initially asked the students to take their own projects and work on it. However, the students did not show interests to work on it. They were not interested in doing hardships for free,” says Jayant. He believed that the students can be pursued into this field if they get paid for
their work. Jayant came up with an idea, which will woo the students to work on projects “You work more, you earn more”. The institution where making them industry-ready by giving them live projects.

In a bid to encourage students, who want to get an industry exposure in MongoDB and Hadoop. The institute used to offer them projects after their training for which they will be paid. To get better job opportunities one must not only be trained but must also need to have relevant experience. Wisdom Sprouts are coming up with innovative projects where they will be able to give their students an opportunity to enhance their skilThe Hadoop was prominent around 2012 when Jayant entered the field of database programming as a trainer. With the help of some senior trainers in this firm who exposed him to the new database software MongoDB, Jayant started his career in big data and MongoDB, which then engendered into a start-up. He named the institute “Wisdomsprouts” because of the reason that the wisdom will sprout from the students.ls in MongoDB.
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