If asked to a layman, 'accounts' would mean the systematic recording of transactions and likewise 'finance' would mean managing fund flow. However, in the changing economic realities, both of these areas meaning has changed and demands some specific skills in the professionals to drive these roles. Today more than ever, companies need finance and accounting professionals who can transcend traditional number-crunching. Yet several aspiring and on-job finance and account professionals lag behind in their career because of lack of the demanded skills. Meeting the learner's search for a quality finance and accountant training institute which can unveil the secret sauce of succeeding in this field and hone the necessary skills, Yash Skills Institute (YSI) was established in 2016. The institute is backed by a team of excellent trainers who are determined and experienced enough to demonstrate the right career path to the students along with instilling in them the necessary qualities.

Ms.Padmini, Director of Training and Development, YSI says, "It is no secret that there is a great potential in finance and account field in the modern time and this need for skilled professionals is apparently not going to end up soon. We as a training centre help in bridging the gap between industry and professionals." Commenced as a skill development institute, later YSI also took the plunge to offer professional courses to the young aspirants. Receiving exceptional appreciation from the students, the institute today runs a range of courses- right from courses in Certi-
-fied Accountant & Tax Consultant, Commerce CA CPT Preparation, Certified Tax Consultant, Business Accounting and Taxation Course to Advanced MS-Excel for working Professionals, Certified Android App Developer course and the list hardly gets an end.

"The factor that differentiates YSI from other institutes is its impressive teacher to student ratio which is 1:10".

Besides the fact that each course offered by the institute are quite comprehensive, the timings of all the courses are also kept flexible, considering that the learner population for the courses is a mix of working professionals and students. "We conduct several batches on different time slots both on weekends and weekdays. What matters for us is our convenient of our students as that will also help us in maintaining the quality of teaching and learning process," pinpoints Ms.Padmini. Taking a step forward in reaching out to each student, the trainers put extensive effort on customizing the training according to the individual's strength and weaknesses. Ms.Padmini adds, "We understand the fact that it is not possible for every student to bear the training fees. Hence we at YSI put the substantial focus on supporting the economically backward students and offering the course in cost-effective fee."

Empowering the Learners
Located in the peaceful and conducive suburb area of the Mumbai city, Goregaon, YSI imparts education embracing the unique approach of 'learning by doing'. Students at YSI are not kept involved only to attend long boring lectures; instead, they are encouraged to indulge in the teaching and learning process. "At YSI, students are regularly challenged to solve problems and undertake live projects. We make sure each of our students has received ample practical knowledge by carrying out their respective projects," shares Ms.Padmini. Throughout the practical sessions of the students, the proficient faculty member of YSI stays like a rock beside them and
ensures that the students get an in-depth insight into the practical spectrum.

The factor that differentiates YSI from other institutes is its impressive teacher to student ratio which is 1:10. The small class size policy of the institute enables each student to get the attention of the trainers. A passed out students of YSI, Pradeep Poddar while expressing his gratitude towards the trainers says, "The course material of the institute is quite all-inclusive and the faculty is as well immensely experienced. The teaching gives valuable insight into practical aspects." YSI is not a regular institute that believes in handing over certificates to the students on the completion of the course, rather the trainers take explicit care to confirm that the students have understood the course content completely, only then the students become eligible to receive the certificate.

Till date having the record of enrolling around 500 candidates for different courses, the institute boasts on witnessing the re-enrolment of the students for the advanced level of their respective courses. "Student satisfaction is what we precisely focus on and seeing our old students coming back to us for the next level, approves the fulfilment of our effort," proudly says Ms.Padmini. Along with offering an unmatched learning experience to the students, the institute also takes a step forward to place the students in reputed firms including in its in-house CA firm. On the other side, apart from classroom training, the institute conducts corporate training to help train the finance department of the various organizations. "In the coming years, we aspire to set up more branches of YSI PAN India, especially in areas where quality training is not reachable to students. We also envision collaborating with few Government training programmes so that we can take the standard of training to the highest peak," concludes Ms. Padmini.
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