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Sarath Shyam

MIET Group of Institutions: The Embodiment of Excellence

About 65 km from Delhi, Meerut, the second largest city in the NCR region, has seen a great transformation in the recent past.

Travel and Hospitality 2018

HER Team Top 10 Promising Travel and Hospitality Institutes in India 2018
By HER Team
According to latest reports, the travel and hospitality industry sector in India accounted for 8 percent of the total employment opportunities generated in the country in 2017, providing employment...  more >>

HER Team Institute of Advanced Management: To Experience a Personalized Learning
By HER Team
The institute possesses a curriculum that is validated by international  more >>

HER Team SYNA International College of Management Studies: Meeting the Demands of Professionally Skilled Graduates in the Hospitality Sector
By HER Team
The heart of Indian subcontinent, Madhya Pradesh offers something for both travelers and tourists.  more >>

HER Team Krystal School of Excellence: Celebrating the Love for Food and Hospitality
By HER Team
People in the city of joy, Kolkata, cannot live without their favourite Bengali cuisines and festivals  more >>

HER Team FCI Institute of Management: Shaping the Futures with a Skill-Based Hospitality Education
By HER Team
In the 1990s, with the entrance of various national and international hotel chains, the Indian hospitality industry was facing a huge labor crunch, especially in the junior level staff segment  more >>

HER Team V.M. Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education: Giving the Key to International Networking
By HER Team
Holding a reputation of over 5 decades in the business arena, V.M. Salgaocar Group, which was commenced by late Vasudev Salgaocar is headquartered in Goa besides having offices in other major...  more >>

HER Team Don Bosco College - Hospitality Studies: Remodelling the Hospitality Education System with Experience and Etiquette
By HER Team
The quintessential cuisine of Mumbai provides a smorgasbord of cooking styles to the people who immigrate from different part of the world  more >>

HER Team Good Shepherd Institute of Hospitality Management: Rejuvenating Hospitality Education through International Collaboration
By HER Team
Studies have shown that living in a chaotic city can result in increasing level of stress and high rates of mood disorders. Hence, it is definitely not a bad idea to spend one's educational life in...  more >>

HER Team International Institute of Culinary Arts: Putting the Nation on the Global Culinary Map
By HER Team
With the mass acceptance of continental and oriental cuisines and the entry of international food chains and specialized restaurants in the recent times, the hospitality sector is facing a paucity...  more >>

HER Team DSMS College of Tourism and Management: Producing Hospitality Professionals with Perfect Etiquette
By HER Team
Regarded as one of the key drivers of growth among the services sectors in India, Tourism and Hospitality industry is expected to generate 13.  more >>

In My View

Veer Vijay Singh The Necessity for Hospitality Education in India
By Veer Vijay Singh
The Indian Hospitality Industry five years ago, we had stuck at a figure of 2.0 million  more >>

Vishal Hanmattekar Travel for Travel's sake
By Vishal Hanmattekar
Somewhere between accepting and negotiating the leave applications of employees, specially before Summer or Christmas vacations and planning for the upcoming Board meetings, the thought does cross...  more >>

Industry Insights

Shafee Ahmed The Significance of Industrial Training in Hospitality Industry
By Shafee Ahmed
Today, the hospitality industry is facing a serious dearth in the number of qualified professionals at the entry level.  more >>

Ashish Vohra The Changing Dynamics of Hospitality Industry
By Ashish Vohra
The hospitality industry has undergone a drastic change from the days when I  more >>

Aditya Sanghi Cloud-based PMS is the way forward for hotels in India
By Aditya Sanghi
In today's digital era, we have seen paradigm shift in the entire travel ecosystem  more >>

Scholastic Viewpoint

Anukrati Sharma Prospective Solution to Maximize the Positive Impacts and Minimize the Negative Impacts of Tourism Industry
By Anukrati Sharma
Law forms our society and controls every single feature in our lives  more >>

mentor's opinion

Nigel Viegas Essential Skills needed in Hospitality Industry
By Nigel Viegas
Hotel and tourism take you to the dynamic and most innovative industries.  more >>


Sarath Shyam Exploring the Endless Opportunities of Travel
By Sarath Shyam
The best trips in our life, like love affairs, never really end.  more >>


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